How does hair wash work?

How does hair wash work?
It is customary to call washing a special preparation intended for carrying out the procedure of pickling. The procedure consists in gentle removal of unwanted hair color.

The main types of washings

For the procedure of decaporation (bleaching) of hair in home and salon conditions so-called washings are used. Modern acid preparations do not contain ammonia and therefore do not damage the natural pigment and cuticle. Removal of color occurs in a more gentle mode.

In fact, the acid wash does not discolour the hair, but simply draws out the pigment. But all the same, the procedure of pickling can not be considered safe, since removal of a sufficiently resistant synthetic paint occurs. Natural washings are also popular, which are most often used in Home conditions. They cause minimal damage to the hair.

The most popular natural absorbents are almond, olive and burdock oils. Usually it is recommended to add a little cognac or beer to the oil and apply on hair for three hours. Then you will need to rinse the mixture thoroughly with shampoo and rinse off the decoction of chamomile. Also for rinsing, water with lemon juice is suitable.

To muffle the intensity of color, natural washing from kefir is often used. In principle, it can be replaced with yogurt. The wash is distributed over the entire length of the hair and is left for about an hour and a half. This procedure is best repeated several times during the week for maximum effect.

The principle of the action of the hair remover

When using acidic or natural hair remover, you can observe a process opposite to staining. The components that make up this remedy penetrate deep into the hair. There they break the connection between the structure of the hair and the molecules of the dye. As a result, color macromolecules are divided into original dyes. Usually in the composition of any paint comes from 2 to 6 of such dyes.

Molecules of washing as if envelop the dyes, as a result of which the latter are simply washed out of the structure of the hair. This is the principle of the action of any wash. Usually, to achieve a good effect, it is necessary to repeat the procedure of pickling repeatedly. The color is taken out three tones after each use of the wash.

More effective is the deep pickling made in the cabin. For this procedure, rather aggressive washings containing chemically active substances are used.

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