How does argan oil affect the condition of the hair? Reviews and photos

How does argan oil affect the condition of the hair? Reviews and photos
Argan oil is often chosen for hair care. It is connected with its moisturizing effect. It is suitable for those damaged by chemical curling and paint, as well as for dry hair. With constant use, oil restores, nourishes and renews the structure of the hair. In addition, it has a positive effect on the scalp.
This oil is produced from the inside of the bones of the fruits of Argania, in a different way from the iron tree. It is interesting that this plant can be found only in one place of the globe – in Morocco. Residents of the country themselves harvest fruits and make oil from it. Only after that the product is exported. Under a strict ban is the export from the country of any parts of a rare tree.

Argan oil is one of the best medicinal products used to strengthen and treat hair. In addition, it perfectly protects hair from aggressive external influences.

All the works from the collection of fruits and to the production of the final product is manual labor. For this reason, the present argan oil has a rather high cost. But it brings a much more tangible benefit to hair and scalp than its numerous counterfeits and cheap counterparts.

Argan oil, penetrating into the hair, restores its structure, transforms the appearance, transforming fragile, damaged and split hair into thick and healthy hair, improves the blood supply of hair follicles, protects from an unfavorable environment; nourishes and moisturizes the scalp; restores secretion of sebaceous glands; has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antifungal effects.

Argan oil on 70-80% consists of unsaturated fatty acids, such as palminate, linoleic and oleic acids. They also have a healthy, rejuvenating effect on the hair. Oil also contains other useful substances, among which are sterols, tocopherols and phenolic compounds, schotenol and alpha-spinasterol, triglycerides. In addition, it includes antioxidants, vitamins A, E, F, antibiotics and fungicides.

Sterols protect from ultraviolet radiation, eliminate inflammation and improve the protection of the scalp. Tocopherols and phenolic compounds are antioxidants. Schottenol and alpha-spinasterol help restore skin cells. And triglycerides soothe and soften the scalp. All these elements help the hair to transform, make them shiny and obedient. The complex effect promotes the regeneration of the scalp cells and the growth of excellent head of hair.

The present argan oil differs with the aroma of spicy nuts and amber-yellow color with a drop from red to golden shades.

Процедура нанесения масла на волосы несложная. На хорошо вымытые волосы нужно нанести несколько капель арганового масла и растереть. Смывать масло не придется, так как оно не оставляет жирных следов и мгновенно впитывается.

To achieve a better effect, argan oil can be used together with other oils. Add, for example, to it a few drops of grape seed oil, almond or rose oil. In this case, the mixture should be slightly heated and applied to dry or damp hair. After 30-50 minutes, the hair should be washed with shampoo.

In order to strengthen the hair, you can make another mask. To do this, a small amount of argan oil should be mixed with the same volume of burdock oil. Rub with massage movements in the scalp. Keep the mask 30 min, and then wash off.

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