How does a woman look younger than her years

How does a woman look younger than her years
Many ladies want to look younger than they really are. Scientists and experienced stylists can give some recommendations on this issue, guided by which a woman is able to "throw off" her age.


If a woman decides to "throw off" 5-10 years, then she needs to change her appearance a little. To begin it is desirable from hair. If they are too dark, you should repaint them. It's best if they are lighter on the 2-3 tone. Then the woman will refresh her face.

Of no less importance is the stylish hairstyle. Remember that it should emphasize your natural beauty. You can recommend to make a short haircut. If you are the owner of long hair and do not want to part with them, then you best make a bang. It can be straight, thick, asymmetric, torn, etc.


You absolutely do not need to choose darkish shades. Otherwise you will appear older than your years. There should not be brown lipstick in your cosmetic bag. As for foundation, it should be about the same color as your skin. With regard to powder, it is worth noting that it can emphasize even inconspicuous wrinkles. Mascara should be black, and shadows – light.

Do not forget to periodically adjust your eyebrows. Otherwise they will expand and visually make you older. Eyebrows should have an average width.

Если вы носите очки, то вам желательно наносить на глаза яркие тени. Обязательно подчеркните губы. Вам лучше всего выбрать помаду персикового цвета. Отличным вариантом является блеск для губ.


Choose the flavor of citrus. Then others will think that you are younger than you really are.


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