How does a rope help against cellulite?

How does a rope help against cellulite?
To achieve an ideal figure and smooth skin without a hint of cellulite, some people are willing to pay a lot of money. Beautiful ladies buy up all the novelties of cosmetics, buy all new simulators and massagers, forgetting that simple things, for example, a skipping rope, are no less effective.

Skipping rope against cellulite, how does it work?

Experts have proved that the higher the muscle tone, the slower the formation of fatty deposits. Therefore, any physical activity will help prevent the appearance of an "orange peel". If we talk about classes with a rope, then this is an ideal inventory for those women who have the main problem area – legs and hips. Jumping will improve blood circulation and lymph flow in the limbs, and, accordingly, help get rid of cellulite.

In addition to the fact that jumping with a rope helps to get rid of tubercles on the legs, hips and buttocks, such exercises strengthen the cardiovascular and respiratory systems. This is not surprising, because jumping rope – a wonderful cardio.
To classes with a rope gave the desired result, it is important to choose the right equipment, and also to adhere to a certain technique of jumping. The exercise should be kept straight, not deviating the body in any direction. Elbows with jumps tightly pressed to the trunk. When the exercise is done, only the hands will work, it is they who rotate the rope, the legs spring from the floor during tearing and landing.

How to choose a rope for classes?

The right choice of rope is the key to success in the process of losing weight and combating imperfections of the skin. Inventory is selected according to the growth of the practitioner. Only this way it will work out exactly those muscles that need it. So, to determine the length of the rope the person must know his growing. For citizens whose growth is less than 152 cm, the length of the rope must be 210 cm; with growth less than 176 cm – 250 cm; with growth less than 183 cm – 280 cm; with an increase of more than 183 cm – 310 cm.

How to defeat cellulite with a rope

To jump rope helped to lose weight and get rid of the "orange peel" you need, at first, to deal with daily. It is recommended to begin training with 10-15 minutes, gradually increasing the time to 45 minutes. Jumping with a skipping rope can be either simple or difficult. The most common options are forward, backward, on one leg, in place, in motion or with turns. In general, the difficulty of jumping is limited to the physical training of the practitioner and his imagination.

Those who want to speed up the process of losing weight and getting rid of cellulite, it is recommended during training to use special means that are aimed at combating the "orange peel". It is better to apply funds to the heated body, after the warm-up.

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