How do men quickly grow hair?

How do men quickly grow hair?
Unfortunately, there is no instant way to grow a long hairstyle, except, perhaps, hair extensions in the clinic and beauty salons. The fact is that the ability to grow is determined genetically, and it will not be possible to deceive nature. But you can eliminate the causes that slow down the natural processes, which will help you quickly become the owner of a beautiful hairstyle.

Начните принимать витамины. Это улучшить не только внешний вид волос, но и повысит прочность их структуры и скорость химических процессов, проходящих в луковицах, которые и отвечают за интенсивность роста. Вы можете выбрать как общий витаминный комплекс для всего организма, так и препараты, которые воздействую именно на hair.

Do not forget about external hair care. Wash your head immediately after the first signs of contamination and do not neglect additional help in the form of air conditioners and masks.

Daily massage the scalp – this will increase blood circulation, which greatly stimulates hair growth. In addition, use special massage mixtures, which are presented on the shelves of a lot, or rub olive oil in the skin, which contains a lot of vitamins.

Soften for yourself the process of growing hair. Be prepared for the fact that in the first stages your hair will become an ugly form that has lost all outlines. Avoid mocking looks will help elastic, a bandana or a baseball cap.

And here to use means for packing it is not necessary, as they hammer in pores on a skin that prevents follicles to breathe, and it will lead to the next slowing down of growth of hair.

Try to change your lifestyle for the better. Begin to eat properly, because for healthy hair growth requires material: iodine, iron, calcium, beta-carotene. Refuse bad habits, such as smoking and alcohol, and if possible avoid stressful situations and rest more.

Yours hair, as, actually, and all appearance, reflect the general condition of your body, so carefully watch your health. Excessive hair loss and slow hair growth should alert you and pay attention to the vitamin and mineral balance of the body.

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