How do I know the expiration date of a cosmetic pencil?

How do I know the expiration date of a cosmetic pencil?
A cosmetic pencil is an indispensable thing. However, how do you know if the expiry date has not yet expired? Some pencils have been purchased for a long time, but they look still good. Let's try to understand.

The expiration date is indicated on the label of any product. Unfortunately, small labels, especially cosmetics, we usually quickly rip off, or they themselves are erased from frequent use or under the influence of moisture. It is necessary to look at the appearance of the pencil. If the conditions of its storage were observed and it was not for a long time in the sun or in a damp bath, the pencil is able to last longer than the required time.

If the white lead is formed on the lead, as on frozen chocolate, your cosmetic product is spoiled unambiguously. If you hold the pencil on your hand, and the lead крошится, then, it should not be used either – some components withered.

When buying, give preference to pencils that are made of solid wood. A plastic or sawdust pencil is somewhat more convenient, but the wood lasts much longer. Yes, and has a disinfecting effect.

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