How cheap to make a piercing

How cheap to make a piercing
For many, piercing has become an integral part of the image. However, the price for such an unusual detail does not always seem justified: for one puncture in the cabin you can give away 1500 rubles. In addition, jewelry costs are not cheap. In fact, effective piercing can be done for a small amount.

In case the puncture is simple in technique (for example, piercing the tongue or lips, but hardly piercing the navel or nipples), it's easy to do it yourself. This will require jewelry from medical steel, disinfectants and a catheter of a certain size (depending on the thickness of the decoration).

Intravenous catheter – the needle used in the appointment of droppers – can be bought at a pharmacy or ordered on the Internet, it is traditionally they make punctures at home. Before buying it is better to call the pharmacy and specify the availability of catheters, since they are not available everywhere. You can also buy a professional piercing needle in a specialized store.

The average cost of a catheter, as well as a professional needle, is 30 r., A disinfectant (chlorhexidine) – 20-40 r., A qualitative ornament can be purchased for 100-150 r. The process of puncturing and how to do it yourself can be studied on numerous Youtube blogs. However, before deciding to pierce at home, you need to know what your pain threshold is and whether you are afraid of the appearance of blood, otherwise the attempt to puncture can turn into failure: many lose consciousness during piercing, even under the supervision of skilled masters.

The second option, not so much different in price from the first one, is to become a model for novice piercing masters. Models are always needed for skills training, and therefore on the Internet you can find many similar ads. Usually you only need to pay for supplies and decoration – on average, it can cost from 150 to 350 r. Also, you can often see ads marked "to replenish the portfolio," which often speaks of the already existing experience of the masters. But the price in this case can be higher – up to 500-600 r. The advantages of this method of piercing: with the costs only for the material, the puncture will be done by a certified master. However, obvious are the cons: free piercings are done only by masters with little experience, and there is a risk of error in the puncture process.

The third option is to do piercing in the salon, having previously chosen it for the price on the Internet. Prices for piercings and earrings can be overstated because of the location or famous name of the salon, but hardly due to the quality of the procedure. If you do not really care about where the piercing will be done – on the outskirts or in the center, in a spacious room or in a small room – then you can find the options cost 700-800 r.

Note that "salon" work is not always a guarantor of quality – often the piercing masters are employees of the salon as part of the training program. Choosing a master at home or in the salon, first of all you need to see examples of his works, and only then to record.

Ornaments. For the primary puncture, titanium adornments are ideal, which do not cause irritation on the skin and suppuration. But of all possible metals (excluding noble metals), such earrings are some of the most expensive. Ornaments made from surgical steel are cheaper and also suitable for primary piercing, but the chance of irritating a fresh puncture is much greater. If you know that you do not have an allergic reaction to hirstal, then it is better to buy these ornaments in order to save money. In the event that titanium is needed, it is better to contact retail online stores where the goods cost several times cheaper than in specialized stores on the street. In addition, on the websites of well-known firms of tattoos and piercings, the purchase will be more expensive than the order from small companies: you will buy the same quality, but at a different price.

So, piercing was not very expensive pleasure: you can supplement your image for only 200 rubles. But if you want a complicated kind of puncture or 100% quality, then it's better to trust professionals.

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