How can you beautifully make up your nails in 2018 year

How can you beautifully make up your nails in 2018 year
You can make a beautiful manicure yourself at home. To do this, you need to prepare all the necessary materials and tools. A little practice and self-executed manicure will not be worse than professional.

You will need
  • – lacquer base;
  • – colored varnishes;
  • – needles, brushes of different thicknesses or helium handles;
  • – rhinestones;
  • – sequins;
  • – colored sand;
  • – a fixer of a varnish.
Choose colors of means for coloring of nails. For a contrasting image, bright varnishes are suitable, for a more casual style, take calmer colors. Now you need to select the tool with which you will apply the drawings to nails. It can be a brush, needle, гелиевая ручка или зубочистка.

Needle patterns are displayed on the liquid lacquer. Take tools of different thicknesses. For small parts, the needle is thinner, and for large ones – with a thick tip. Apply to the nail the main varnish, do not wait until it dries. Top with a different color on the top. Quickly start to print patterns, do not tear off the needle from the nail, your movements should be light.

Try to finish drawing before the varnish dries. When the image is ready, allow it to dry out. To keep the varnish as long as possible, cover the ornament on top with a fixer. This tool should be used always after the end of the manicure.

Кистью процедуру нанесения рисунка выполняют немного по-другому. Покрасьте nails the main varnish, wait for it to dry. The means for drawing will approach only the saturated color and not sparse. It should be clearly visible, so as not to draw the same line several times. For the outlines of the image, take a thin brush, and outline and glitter with a wider brush. To mix colors, paint on a non-dried lacquer.

It is very convenient to perform drawing with helium handles. Choose tools with a metallic sheen – this gel is thicker, which will greatly facilitate the work. Paint nails varnish-base and leave it to dry. Now you can display the desired patterns, wait until the gel is completely dry.

Красиво сморятся nails с микроблестками или цветным песком. Нанесите основной лак, не дожидайтесь его высыхания. Намочите кисть или иголку в воде и опустите в баночку с цветным песком. Нанесите прилепившиеся шарики на невысохший лак. Микроблестки просто посыпьте на nails.

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