How can I use onion masks

How can I use onion masks
Due to their incredibly valuable qualities, onions can be referred to cosmetic products. It is used to care for the skin, hair and body. From it you can make onion masks that can cope with countless skin problems.

Improving the complexion

This is an ancient recipe, which was proposed by the world-famous Avicenna. This mask will help to make a much better complexion. To do this, you will need:

– cabbage gruel;

onion gruel;

– gruel of black radish;

– a slurry of dill;

– garlic clove.

These ingredients should be used in equal proportions. They should be mixed, and then applied to the face for 20-30 minutes. Boiled cold water will help to wash off the mask.

We protect the face from wrinkles

The effect of protection against wrinkles is a mask of onions and honey. Ingredients should be in the proportion of 1: 1. It is best to apply the mask at night. In addition, that it will prevent the appearance of wrinkles, also this mixture will refresh the skin. It is effectively applied to cracks on the nails.

Get rid of wrinkles

Equal portions of honey, onion juice, wax, and also the nectar of white lily (grass) are used. All ingredients should be heated slowly until melting. After removing from the fire, mix everything with a wooden spatula until a homogeneous mush. After that, you can apply the mask to problem areas, grind and massage. Then it should be left on the face for several hours. Rinse with warm water only.

We get rid of dry skin

Coping with such an unpleasant problem will help onions in combination with honey. The recipe is as follows:

– We bake two onions;

– rub it until smooth;

– add two tablespoons of honey.

The mask is applied to the skin of the face, well-cleaned beforehand, and after a minute 20 is simply removed with a napkin.

Struggling with oily skin

In this case, the same leek and lemon will come to the rescue. To do this, it is worth rubbing on a small grater onion (2 pieces) and squeeze out the juice. This gruel is mixed with lemon juice in the amount of one tablespoon. On the face such mask is applied in a thin layer, and after about minutes 20-25 is well washed off with warm water.

So, thanks to a number of useful qualities, onions are used not only in widely known folk medicine, but also in cosmetology. This is an excellent remedy for various cosmetic problems, in particular on the face. These tips will help to cope with a number of skin problems. Onions in this case are a real expert. Try and always be inimitable.

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