How can I straighten my hair at home

How can I straighten my hair at home
It is not necessary to go to the beauty salon to get straight, shiny and flowing hair, like in commercials. It is enough to follow simple rules of care, and you can make your strands straight and obedient even at home.

You will need
  • – nourishing shampoo with the effect of smoothing the hair;
  • – Straightening mousse or cream;
  • – mousse for giving volume;
  • – a hair dryer from 1800 W with air ionization function;
  • – hair iron with ceramic coating.
Use special nutritional shampoos and anti-disobedient hair to smooth out their structure and then easily separate the strands from each other. After washing, dry the hair with a towel. Do not rub them: just absorb the excess moisture and let them dry yourself. Next, you need to put a little money for styling – straightening mousse or cream. Wait a few minutes and let the resulting mask soak the hair. Now you can safely arm yourself with a hairdryer and proceed directly to the process of creating the desired styling.

Apply a little mousse to give volume to the roots of hair and dry your head with a hairdryer. Try to tilt it down to lift the hair at the very roots. It is desirable to use it when drying with a hair dryer with a round wooden brush with natural bristles. The hair dryer should be professional, power from 1800 W. Well, if it supports the functions of ionization and air cooling. This will allow for more careful hair straightening without damaging them. As you dry, the scales of hair that have opened up during washing will begin to close, and you will feel how the hair becomes more straight, silky and pleasant to the touch.

Примените утюжок, чтобы распрямить отдельные пряди. Лучше выбирать устройство с керамическим покрытием, поскольку оно практически не приносит вреда волосам. Выпрямлять их лучше уже в практически сухом состоянии сразу после того, как будет нанесен термозащитный спрей.

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