How can I quickly lose weight by the New Year 2018

How can I quickly lose weight by the New Year 2018
New Year 2018 every day is getting closer. Of course, on this holiday you want to look great! And many girls for a couple of months before this celebration realize that favorite evening dresses no longer sit on the figure. Therefore, we have to look for ways to quickly lose weight by the New Year.


Less salt

So, before the holiday it is better not to resort to complex diets, from which it is then necessary to go out for a long time. But thanks to the loss of fluid, you can throw a little extra weight. Salt – that's why the fluid lingers in the body! Apply to a short-term salt-free diet – at least a week do not salt your food at all. And give up salty foods. The result will surprise you – just a refusal of salt can help you throw off two kilograms per week, and if you still exercise, the result can be better!

Trekking in the bath

Of course, it is not necessary to visit the bathhouse before the New Year in the same way as the heroes of the Soviet film that was not unknown to everyone. But here for a couple of days before the celebration, you can go there, so that afterwards the extra pounds evaporate. Before that, you can smear honey on the body, mixed with sea salt – the result will increase, and the peeling is not bad. That's just refuse to go to the bath, if you have heart problems, diabetes.

Unloading before the New Year

On the eve of not too much will arrange a kefir day (you can apple). The three-day buckwheat diet will also give positive results – minus three kilograms. If you resorted to unloading, then apples or kefir should be consumed every three hours, while drinking more clean water.

Take care of yourself!

Nobody canceled the training. Engage yourself daily. The complex of exercises should be well matched, you should maximize your best, sweating well. Cardiovascular or aerobic exercise is best. Running, swimming is all a great way to lose weight fast. Yes, even if you just dance to dynamic music – it also affects the figure well.

Cosmetic procedures

And it is better to combine all of the above with, for example, wrapping. For example, wrappers from ground coffee, honey, and brown algae are effective. You can tighten the buttocks, tummy and thighs become smaller.

Little trick

New Year is getting closer, and the results of losing weight do not please you? Do not despair, you can still meet the Year of the Beautiful Dog! Stretching underwear will help you. Now you can easily buy body, combo, panties, shorts with a pulling effect – they will sit on you like a second skin. The figure will look more slender, under the clothes this underwear is imperceptible. And most importantly – in addition to suits, such underwear also supports the muscular corset. So meet the New Year in all its glory!

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