How can I make up my eyes

How can I make up my eyes
Eye makeup is the basic element that can brighten or make your eyes fade, make your face more expressive or spoil its proportions. Make up your eyes can be in several ways, each of which is suitable not only for special occasions, but also for a certain time of the day.

Choose a make-up eye depending on the time of day. Daytime makeup involves choosing neutral tones that create an effect of naturalness, in the evening you can afford darker and more saturated colors. The simplest and most convenient way to look well-groomed, but not vulgar during the day is simply to apply a good mascara that lends volume and lengthens your eyelashes. If you want more, start with the other steps, and leave this for the final stage.

Подведите глаза карандашом. Этот элемент может быть как основой, так и единственной составляющей макияжа век. Выбирайте карандаш средней мягкости, чтобы не повредить нежную кожу или не получить рассыпающийся стержень. Вам нужно провести линию по росту ресниц, но делать это лучше step by step. Apply a few strokes and only at the end put them together. So you get an even line. Remember that the thicker it will be, the less your eyes will look visually.

Choose the color of the pencil according to your eyes. For brown, black, brown, dark gray, for gray – gray and blue, for blue – any shades of gray, for green – brown and gray. Leave a clear line of pencil or blend it with an applicator. Next, apply mascara or continue makeup.

Start choosing and applying shadows. They should not only approach your type of appearance and eye color, but also be combined with clothing. You need at least three shades – from the lightest to the darkest. Light tone is applied under the eyebrow, mobile eyelid painted slightly darker shade, the most intense color lies on the outer corner of the eye. After you have applied all three shades, take the brush and gently shade the boundaries between them. Those around should not see clear lines of transition from one color to another.

Воспользовавшись тенями, не забудьте подчеркнуть ими и нижнее веко. С внешнего уголка глаза нанесите тонкую линию темного тона прямо под ресницами, с внутреннего – светлый оттенок.

Finish the makeup of the eyes with mascara. Before you dye her eyelashes, comb them with a brush. Then proceed to the application. Carefully stain the eyelashes at the base, moving the brush from side to side for best effect. After three or four such movements, finish staining the upper part. Before the mascara has dried, once again comb the eyelashes, removing the excess carcass.

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