How can I lose weight if I do not eat after six

How can I lose weight if I do not eat after six
The technique of losing weight "Do not eat after six "is one of the most popular. In the evening, the metabolism decreases and therefore the food, eaten at this time, completely goes to the construction of adipose tissue. If you give up eating after 18.00 hours, the body will gradually get rid of fat stores. Not to eat after six and lose weight, it is necessary to adhere to some recommendations.

Do not starve yourself at all, you can afford to eat some light fruit dessert, for example, low-fat yogurt. Calories from such a dinner will not increase, but the appetite will decrease. In addition, you can eat a small piece of boiled chicken, a few stewed vegetables, a vegetable salad or an omelet. Besides this, you can eat 20 grams of cheese, it will not only save you from a feeling of hunger, but also have a positive effect on sleep.

Take a relaxing shower before going to bed or take a stroll in the fresh air for 15-20 minutes. This will allow you to distract yourself, quickly fall asleep and not think about food.

Do not buy high-calorie foods into the house, they will only seduce you with their appearance. If possible, fill the refrigerator with fruit.

Eliminate from your diet excessively spicy spices. They can strengthen your appetite.

Brush your teeth as early as possible. Perhaps you do not want them stain, and this will stop you from eating.

During the day, eat a reasonable amount of food and do not skip lunch.

Refuse in the evening from tonic teas, coffee and alcohol, these drinks not only cause appetite, but also can disturb sleep.

Ask your loved ones to support you and not eat in your presence a high-calorie, aromatic and very appetizing food.

Remember that any diet is the observance of proper nutrition every day. Try to adhere to the daily diet and the right choice of food.

Distract from a strong sense of hunger for some things, for example, talk on the phone, watch an interesting film or read a book.

If the refusal of dinner for you – a huge stress, do not resort to this technique losing weight. Nervous tension, fatigue and stress will not make you beautiful and healthy. Do not lose weight at the cost of your own health, otherwise in the future you will face serious problems.

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