How can I lighten my hair at home?

How can I lighten my hair at home?
Safely brighten hair You can not only have a professional master in the salon, but also in domestic conditions. To minimize the harmful effect of paint, it is necessary to follow a certain sequence of clarification.

You will need
  • – chemical washing;
  • – Paint;
  • – balm;
  • – mask;
  • – nutritious cream;
  • – восстанавливающий спрей.
If your hair ранее были окрашены, не осветляйте их сразу. Подождите, пока краска максимально вымоется из структуры волос или воспользуйтесь химической смывкой. Даже если вам удалось смыть старую краску, осветление проводите через 2-3 недели. После использования любых химических средств сразу применять краску небезопасно.

Natural hair lighten in several stages. It is impossible to achieve at once an ideal blonde. Use brightening paints from well-known manufacturers. Carefully read the instructions for use, apply on strands, rinse with copious amounts of water, reducing the time shown on the package by one-third.

Manufacturers guarantee lightening of hair on 4-6 tone for one application. But to achieve this result means только одно – локоны будут подвергаться серьезному испытанию, и не каждый тип волос сможет выдержать столь массированную атаку. Если вы по-настоящему мечтаете стать блондинкой, но при этом стараетесь максимально сохранить свои hair, lighten them step by step. Moreover, the result of staining on 6 tones is often just an advertisement.

After the first dyeing, allow time to restore the structure of the hair. The second attempt is conducted through 4 weeks.

After clarification, use restoring balms, nourishing masks, light creams and sprays. Any clarifying paint, whether it contains hydrogen peroxide or not, negatively affects the structure of the curls, and you must give your hair the maximum support and care.

Multiple lightening will help you to have the color of your dreams. In this case, you keep the structure of the hair, and you do not have to do a forced short haircut.

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