How can I cut my hair myself?

How can I cut my hair myself?
Cut off hair to itself it is not simple, but it is quite real. Some people are convinced that this is a bad omen. Allegedly pruning their own hair, you shorten your life. But if you do not have the opportunity or the means to visit a hairdresser, or you can not stand, when someone else is touching your hair, try cutting hair independently.

You will need
  • – 2 тугие резинки;
  • – Sharply sharpened scissors.
Wash hair with a balm rinse, gently comb them with a comb with sparse teeth. In order to facilitate combing and not to harm the hair, you can apply a small amount of light moisturizer to them or sprinkle with a protective spray.

Take away hair in a tight and high tail with one rubber band. Comb the tail. With another elastic band, fix the ends of the hair, leaving the ends of the strands free to be cut off.

Prepare sharply sharpened scissors, preferably that they are professional, designed for hair cutting. Чем острее ножницы, тем аккуратнее получится состричь hair.

Lean forward to throw hair в поле зрения. Отстригите hair near the elastic band. This method assumes uneven edges of the hair, but this is what makes the hair look natural, natural, beautiful.

You can also cut your hair and bang your own if it suits you. The bang gives the image youth and makes it complete. It is better to trim a bang when hair completely dried and packed. So you do not risk making it too short.

Highlight the comb hair for bangs. Begin to cut off small strands, starting from the edge of the hair to the center. First cut one half of the hair, then the other. Finally, trim the edges of the bangs.

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