How can I curl my hair in 2018 year

How can I curl my hair in 2018 year
Many like curly hair, they really make the image very feminine and romantic. Do not be upset if nature has not rewarded you with chic curls. You can make magnificent curls and at home, while not causing harm to the health of hair.

You will need
  • Полотенце, фен, средства для укладки, бигуди, ленточки, щипцы для волос.
You can curl your hair using ordinary tape. To do this, you need to wash your head, dry it with a towel or a hairdryer. Now, on slightly damp hair, apply a little mousse, evenly spreading it over the entire length of the hair. This will help your curls retain their elasticity and shape longer. Now divide the hair into strands. Take the ribbon and tie it to the tip of the next curl, gently twirl the string around the ribbon, then tie it to the ribbon near the roots. Now you can go to bed, ribbons in your hair do not interfere with you at all. In the morning just carefully remove the ribbons and fix the resulting locks with hairspray.

Since childhood, many know the method of curling hair with braids. The more braids you twine in the evening on damp hair, the shallower will be your morning curls. This hairstyle must be fixed with lacquer, otherwise the hair will very quickly raspushatsya and hair will turn into a dandelion.

Самым популярным методом завивки волос остаются бигуди. Они бывают вертикальные и горизонтальные, поролоновые, гнущиеся, термические. Есть интересный способ получить неординарную завивку. Вы просто берете бигуди разных видов и накручиваете на них волосы. Например, переднюю часть волос можно завить при помощи крупных горизонтальных бигуди, это придаст объем, а сзади сделать очаровательные ниспадающие локоны при помощи вертикальных спиралек.

The fastest way to make curls is to curl your hair with a curling iron or tongs. It is important to know, what to do such a wave can only be applied to dry hair, while it is better to use special products that protect hair from high temperatures. This will preserve the health of the hair. The thinner the string you wind up, the more carefully the curl will turn out. Remember that curly locks can not be touched until they completely cool down, otherwise you can ruin your hair. And, of course, do not forget to fix the hair with lacquer.

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