How can I brighten my mustache

How can I brighten my mustache
The dark mustache above the upper lip is a sign of masculinity and can adorn the representatives of the stronger sex. But it is unlikely that such growth will please a young girl or woman. To get rid of whiskers you can use folk methods, using clarifying compounds.

You will need
  • – hydrogen peroxide;
  • – shaving foam;
  • – a thin brush;
  • – seeds of dope;
  • – Vodka.
To brighten the whiskers quickly it is possible with the help of hydrogen peroxide. Before applying peroxide, test for sensitivity. Apply one or two drops to the elbow fold. If, after 24 hours, the skin does not have an allergic reaction, you can proceed to direct clarification of the mustache. Remember that the sensitivity test should be carried out every time. Even if you repeatedly used this method, the hormonal background may change with time, which will lead to allergic reactions.

In the glass container, add 5-6 drops of 12% hydrogen peroxide, 2 pea with a match head thick foam for shaving. All thoroughly mix, apply with a thin brush on the mustache, after 15 minutes, rinse thoroughly with water, apply a nourishing cream on the skin. Such a method is rational to use in the presence of small antennae in light-skinned ladies. For black people girls clarifying the mustache is not a way to solve the problem, because instead of, for example, dark ones, you will get colorless mustaches, which will catch your eye a little less.

As folk methods, you can use a gruel of seeds of datura mixed with vodka to the density of sour cream. Apply the compound once a day and the mustache will acquire a colorless color and will be invisible.

Systematically wipe the mustache with a cotton disc moistened in hydrogen peroxide. In a few days you will notice that not only the mustache has become discolored, but the skin over the lip has become much lighter.

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