How best to screw straight hard hair

How best to screw straight hard hair
Sometimes you want to diversify your appearance and make any changes. Tired of long and hard hair? It's time to make naughty curls that will make your image unique, because the curls have always been, are and will be in vogue.

You will need
  • – curlers;
  • – hairpins;
  • – mousse or foam;
  • – hair spray;
  • – comb;
  • – hairdryer.
If you have a long and hard hair, не стоит использовать для создания кудрей плойку или утюжок. Наиболее простой и абсолютно безопасный способ завить hair – use hair curlers (but on hard hair curling turns too curly, it is worth considering). Remember, when using small curlers you get steep curls, large curlers make hair wavy. It is not recommended to do this packing more than once or twice a week.

Curlers are wound exclusively on clean hair, предварительно смазанные небольшим количеством пенки или мусса. Начните завивку с затылочной части головы по направлению сверху вниз. Отделите прядь волос такой ширины, чтобы она была чуть меньше самой бигуди. Начните накручивать ее, следите, чтобы концы волос лежали ровно, не рассыпаясь в разные стороны. Когда все пряди будут завиты таким образом, высушите голову естественным способом или с помощью фена.

When hair completely dry, remove all curlers carefully and comb the hair with a comb or massage brush. You can simply divide each curled strand into a few thinner strands by passing a lock between the fingers. To keep the curls effect longer, sprinkle your hair with varnish, while holding the bottle at a great distance (otherwise hair слипнутся и покроются white хлопьями лака).

Use papillotkami, in this case does not require the hand of a professional, funny curls can be done by yourself. Separate a strand of dry hair and moisten it with a styling agent or water from a spray gun. Begin with the lower part of the head, rising to the crown of the head. To the rest hair do not interfere, fix them with a barrette. Thread the strand in the middle papy up to the scalp and twist into a knot. Grasp the next strand and repeat this procedure with all the hair.

Now you can safely go to bed, do not worry, the papillot keep fairly tight and will not disturb you, since they are soft (from foam rubber). In the morning, carefully untwist curlers, heading from the back of the head to the crown. It remains only to lay curls on your own and sprinkle the finished hair with varnish for a secure fixation.

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