How best to paint eyebrows in 2018 year

How best to paint eyebrows in 2018 year
A beautiful line of eyebrows is a necessary element of an ideal make-up. With the help of coloring, the eyebrows can be given the correct shape and correct some of the disadvantages. Try using a pencil, shadow, paint or permanent make-up and choose the best option for you.

Pencil This is the most common means for tinting eyebrows. Pencil should be perfectly sharpened, the color is better to pick up close enough to the natural shade of hairs, but a little darker. A little trick: before applying makeup, hold the pencil in the freezer, then the lines will be thinner and more elegant. To make your makeup look more natural, draw only short dashes in places where there are not enough hairs. Then, with a special brush, eyebrows and fix them with gel. In the same way, they also act when the eyebrows are stained with a brush and mascara.

ShadowsIf you are eyebrows have a beautiful shape and are thick enough, but slightly pale, the defect is easily corrected with the help of special shadows. They need to be applied with a brush to the hairs, without touching the skin. Shadows will make the color of the eyebrows more saturated and even. As for color, the brunette stylists recommend choosing dark brown or black shades, light brown – ashy, brown-haired and red-haired – shades from beige to brown.

КраскаЭтот вариант необходим в тех случаях, когда требуется коррекция не только формы, но и цвета бровей, например, при появлении седых волосков. Проводить процедуру окраски можно в салоне или дома. Выбирая краску, ориентируйтесь на цвет волос и на оттенки глаз и кожи. Смешивайте ее непосредственно перед окрашиванием, тщательно соблюдая инструкцию. На кожу вокруг бровей предварительно нанесите жирный крем или цинковую мазь. Аккуратно нанесите краску, оставьте ее на 5-10 минут, затем снимите ватными тампонами и промойте eyebrows warm water with soap.

Permanent make-up With this procedure you can permanently get rid of the need to tint eyebrows, which is especially important for light and rare eyebrows. If you decide to make a permanent make-up, take responsibility for the choice of a cosmetologist. unsuccessful cases are not uncommon, and the result you have to "wear" from 3 to 5 years.

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