How best to get rid of cellulite

How best to get rid of cellulite
Orange peel or cellulite – an eternal female problem. From the scientific point of view, it is a subcutaneous layer, changed to the condition of balls and nodules as a result of a violation of the blood supply of fat cells.

Appearance cellulite – this is not only a signal about a couple of extra pounds on the body, which must be removed to achieve beauty and attractiveness. This can also be a violation of the body, for example, hormonal failure or a large number of synthetic substances that came with food. Therefore, in order to combat the orange peel, it is necessary, first of all, to change the way of life.

Eat right. Your food should be balanced and useful. Enter in your diet as much as possible fresh vegetables and fruits, boiled, steamed and baked dishes. Give up fast food, convenience foods and any other food stuffed with dyes and preservatives. Avoid using carbonated and alcoholic beverages. Once your body is cleansed of toxins and harmful substances, the skin condition will improve.

Lead an active lifestyle. Try to walk more, forget about elevators, jogging or any other sport that allows you to lose weight and strengthen the body. Not being able to attend the gym, do at home a standard set of exercises aimed at increasing muscle mass. For example, squats, twisting the trunk or jumping rope. Removing the extra pounds and strengthening the muscles, you get rid of the layer where the orange peel is formed.

Do a massage. Leaving the bath, mash the skin on problem areas with a special anti-cellulite brush or glove. It is good to use the means to combat orange peel on the basis of caffeine or algae. Thanks to massage, you will increase the flow of blood to the skin, and caffeine will promote the splitting of fat cells.

If funds permit, go through special anti-cellulite procedures in the beauty salon. Currently, there are many programs to improve the elasticity of the skin. But do not forget about sport and proper nutrition.

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