How best to do hair removal in 2017 year

How best to do hair removal in 2017 year
With unwanted hair on the body, fair sex representatives struggle from ancient times. However, the most progressive methods in this direction appeared relatively recently in connection with the proliferation of laser, ultrasonic, and other technologies. Nevertheless, women still use old, tried-and-true methods, even if not so effective, to remove excess vegetation, but at home.

A simple way to remove hair – with the help of a special electrical appliance – the epilator. He removes hairs by the principle of tweezers – pulls them out. But this method epilation can cause irritation and is quite painful. Despite the apparent simplicity of this method, there are some techniques that will help you achieve smoother skin, prevent irritation and slow hair.

Epilation with the help of an electric appliance it is best to produce in the mornings, at this time of day the skin is more elastic, elastic and less prone to damage. The device lead slowly, in the direction of hair growth – this way slows down their subsequent growth. Lines of movement must be straight, if you work the apparatus in a circle, then the hairs do not break out with the root, but simply break. Do not forget to use a moisturizing gel or a skin cream after the end of the process.

Существует несколько способов удаления волос с помощью косметического воска. В Home conditions most often apply cold. It is easy to use and does not require the creation of any conditions for warming up, which means that you can easily take it with you on vacation, on the road. The wax mass in this case is enclosed between two strips. Wax is heated in the hands, then remove one paper strip and glue the opened side with an adhesive compound onto the skin like a regular patch. Shoot it, as in other cases, against hair growth.

Эпиляция с помощью теплого воска. Состав для подобной процедуры содержит смолу и размягчители и используется для удаления тонких и небольших волос на лице и особо чувствительных участках кожи. Выпускается он в банках или роликовых кассетах, которые необходимо перед применением подержать в специальном нагревателе с терморегулятором. Когда он нагревается до нужной температуры, его равномерно наносят очень тонким слоем в направлении роста волос. Затем прикладывают бумажные полоски, хорошо их прижимают и после остывания восковой массы удаляют, захватывая волоски. Это самый щадящий метод, он отлично подойдет для самой чувствительной кожи. Кроме того, такая процедура очищает поры, и кожа начинает более активно дышать.

Hot hair removal is the most painful. Wax, heated to 55-60 degrees, is applied to the body. After cooling, the resulting wax film is sharply torn off against the growth of the hair. Carry out a similar procedure in domestic conditions нужно очень аккуратно, так как возможны ожоги кожи чрезмерно разогретым составом.

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