How beautiful to remove medium-length hair

How beautiful to remove medium-length hair
Hair length to the chin or just below can be laid in a simple or convoluted hairstyle, braided in braids, twisted into bundles or rollers, curled or straightened. Try several options and choose the ones that are ideal for your hair type and lifestyle.

Simple hairstyles for every day

Everyday hairstyles should be simple in execution and sufficiently durable. They are based on a good haircut. Hair of medium length does not need too frequent correction – you can visit a hairdresser once every 1.5 to 2 months.

For styling, select an easy fixing mousse, gel or spray, as well as a modeling wax. It will take a hairspray for easy fixation. Wavy hair can be pulled with ironing – so it will be easier to lay the hair in your hair.

Try to make a fashionable hairstyle with pigtails. It looks particularly beautiful on blond hair, up to the middle of the neck and below. Wash your hair, lightly dry them, sprinkle with a fixing spray and pull the strands with forceps. Comb them with a brush.

Using the sharp handle of the comb, make a zigzag parting in the middle of the head. Hair from each side of the braid into a free braid, fix the tips with thin elastic bands. Hands stretch the braids so that they look slightly careless. Throw them forward and lightly drizzle with hairspray.

Make a simple styling for straight hair. Wash them and blow them dry, pulling strands down. Divide the hair into an oblique parting, then lubricate the comb with gel and, lifting the bangs, fix it in the form of a steep wave. Hair on temples take away for ears. Rub a little wax in your hands and pull out the thin strands on the back of the head, forming thin feathers from them.

Evening laying for medium length

On hair of medium length, various curls look beautiful. To make them more sculptural, before curling hair is better to iron. Pull out the strands, allow them to cool, and then curl on the curlers, lightly sprinkling with a fixing spray. For dry and thin hair instead of spray it is better to use nutritive serum.

When the curls dry, carefully remove the curlers and sprinkle your hair with varnish. Fingers whip the curls, divide the hair into an oblique part. Thin curling a few strands – they will add a hairstyle volume. Fix the styling with glitter in the spray.

Very effective hairstyle for the evening can be done with the help of hairpins. Straighten hair, brush carefully and divide into an oblique part. Preheat a small portion of wax in your hands and apply it to strands. Collect hair on the back of the neck and tie it tightly with a string.

A thin chiffon scarf is wrapped in a tourniquet and tied over the lace. Form a scarf from the scarf and pin it with small pins. Sprinkle the stove with varnish. Instead of a scarf, you can use a hairpiece in the tone of the hair in the form of a bundle of braids or a bow.

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