How beautiful to make-up for 15 minutes

How beautiful to make-up for 15 minutes
Sometimes the makeup simply does not have enough time. But if you have an important meeting, you just need to look good, because the exterior is 80% success. In addition, to achieve the optimal result, a lot of time will not be needed.

You will need
  • – Wadded discs – Tonic – Moisturizing cream – Tone cream – Blush – Shades of neutral shade – Ink – Hygienic lipstick with pigment – Powder – Brushes and sponge
Before applying make-up, the face should be degreased. To do this, wipe the skin with a tonic. Duration: 1 min.

Humidification is the key to an even tone. Use a moisturizer suitable for your skin type. Duration: 1 min

Дайте крему немного впитаться и нанесите тональное средство. Гораздо быстрее делать макияж спонжем. Двигайтесь от центра лица к краям. Ровный тон сделает лицо ухоженным, даже если вы будете использовать минимум макияжа. Продолжительность: 3 мин.
Pay attention to the line of application of foundation

Relive the face with blush. Smile or draw your cheeks and apply the remedy to the apples of your cheeks. Feather with your fingertips. The procedure will give the person expressiveness and liveliness. Duration: 2 min.
Способ нанесения румян

Apply shadows on the mobile eyelid and on the outer third of the lower eyelid. Gently rub with your fingertips. Minor makeup flaws will be invisible with a neutral color of shadows, and after this procedure your eyes will acquire depth. Duration: 3 min.
Shadows can be replaced by more neutral ones

Apply mascara in zig-zag movements, from roots to tips. If the time is very short, leave the lower eyelashes unpainted. Mascara will make the image complete. Duration: 2 min.

Paint your lips with hygienic lipstick and pigment. It really is an irreplaceable thing. Unlike ordinary lipstick, it does not dry lips. Unlike shine, the color lasts longer. And the cost of such a lipstick is small. A gentle shade does not require careful application and a contour pencil. You can use hygienic lipstick even without a mirror. Duration: 1 min.

The remaining pair of minutes goes to the final touches. You can powder your face to get rid of fatty shine, comb and smooth your eyebrows, cover out pimples. Duration: 2 min.

Make-up is ready! You look well-groomed, but not vulgar. Imperfections are hidden, and expressive facial features are underlined. Make-up is suitable for a business meeting or day out.

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