How beautiful is the tan?

How beautiful is the tan?
A beautiful, even and persistent tan is a must on the list of what we want to receive from the vacation that has been waiting for so long. The right tan will help to improve immunity and health, and also give you a rested look and beauty! But how beautiful is it to tan?

You will need
  • солнцезащитный крем или лосьон, солнцезащитная помада
Yes-yes, you have heard it many times … Do not dismiss this! Do not run to the beach, shy of your white skin color and strive to "catch up" with already sunbathing vacationers, ignoring the means of protection. After all, the effect will be exactly the opposite – instead of an even and attractive shade, you will get red burns, and then – oblezshuyu skin. Not to mention the fact that you are at risk of earning new growths, since solar radiation can provoke mutations, and as a consequence – malignant formations. Sunburn is a protective reaction of the skin to radiation, so it is necessary to "accustom" it gradually, and it is in the first days of rest that it needs strong protection: the minimum factor of the cream you use is 25-30 SPF. Especially if you have fair skin.

By the way, about the texture of your product. If you know in advance that you intend to swim a lot and are also slightly lazy or forgetful, give preference to oil-based products – of course, you will have to update it regularly, of course, but these lotions last a little longer than regular creams. At present, it is possible to find oils with sufficiently high factors, up to 40.

The skin of the lips is very thin and vulnerable. But it is about her often do not remember, collecting a cosmetic bag on the road. So do not forget the special sunscreen lipstick! It will prevent the appearance of spots and save from dryness.

Do you know that some products can neutralize the negative impact of the sun? This is true! Therefore, before going to the beach, you can drink a glass of freshly squeezed carrot juice, rich in antioxidants and vitamins A and E, and also drink a cup of real cocoa saturated with folic acid, which will increase the body's defenses. Carrots, incidentally, also help the development of melanin – a substance that provides the skin with a beautiful shade after exposure to the sun.

Лучшее время для похода на пляж – после четырех часов дня. Солнце уже не такое агрессивное, а воздух все еще теплый. Одни плюсы! Утреннее солнце такое же мягкое, как и вечернее. А в самое жаркое время лучше оставайтесь в тени, потягивая прохладительные напитки.

And the last – look before the trip to the solarium, literally at 5-7 minutes. Sunburn, maybe you will not get, but your skin will get a "signal" and become more prepared against the sun. Beautiful to you sunburn!

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