How at home to get rid of cellulite on the hips

How at home to get rid of cellulite on the hips
Cellulitis on the hips is not a sentence for lifelong wearing of a pareo on the beach. Correction of nutrition, exercise and regular cosmetic procedures at home will help get rid of the hated "orange peel". First of all, you need to know that cellulite forms not only fat. Delayed lymph in the tissues interferes with normal blood circulation and skin nutrition, which leads to the formation of lumps of fat cells.

Begin the struggle for even and elastic skin of the body with the rejection of fried, sharp and smoked foods, which provoke a strong fluid retention in the body. It is also desirable to give up coffee or at least replace the instant drink with natural, ground beans.

Eat more fiber, sour-milk products and drink a lot of pure mineral water without gas. Replace the familiar sweets with bitter chocolate.

Folic acid (In 9) and vitamin C have a beneficial effect on skin condition and metabolism. Try to saturate your diet with these substances as much as possible or take vitamins in tablets.

A sedentary lifestyle and sedentary work are the best friends of cellulite, and yoga, swimming and brisk walking are his enemies. All exercises for the development of hip muscles are effective in the fight against cellulite: slow sit-ups with a straight back 15-20 times in the 3 approach, swing your legs back and to the side, squeezing the ball with your knees.

Выполняя физические упражнения, следите за дыханием – мышечные усилия (толчки, махи) должны приходиться на выдох.

Cosmetic anti-cellulite treatments in the home conditions дают отличные результаты, если проводить их регулярно и совмещать обертывание и массаж. Все необходимые ингредиенты для приготовления натуральных скрабов и обертываний можно без труда купить в ближайшей аптеке и продуктовом магазине.

Before wrapping it is necessary to cleanse the skin with a scrub. Grind in a coffee grinder a few tablespoons of rice and peas, add as much sea salt and white cosmetic clay. Mix the ingredients and pour them with warm water until a thick slurry forms. Intensively massage the mixture of problem areas. Wash off the scrub with warm water, dry it dry.

Algal wraps are prepared from leaf laminaria or brown algae powder. The leaf forms of the algae are soaked in water at room temperature for 30 minutes, then applied to body parts affected by cellulite and wrapped with food film.

The algae powder is gradually added to the water, stirring constantly, until a uniform mass is formed. Allow the compound to stand for 10 minutes, then apply to the problem areas. To enhance the effect, wrap the food wrap, put on tight trousers or shorts and lie under a warm blanket for 40 minutes.

It splits fat well and activates the blood circulation of wraps with honey. Mix 30 gr. ground oat flakes with three spoonfuls of sparse honey and a spoonful of cocoa powder. Add a few drops of cinnamon essential oil to the mixture, mix thoroughly and warm the formula a little. Apply to the skin, wrap with a film. Wrapping time: hour.

Make sure that you are not allergic to the products used: apply a little mixture to the elbow bend. If the skin does not turn red after 15 minutes, the itching does not appear – safely start wrapping.

После обертывания примите контрастный душ и нанесите на кожу масло с антицеллюлитным эффектом. В любое базовое масло (оливковое, миндальное, персиковое) добавьте по несколько капель эфирных масел апельсина, пачули и бергамота. Массируйте кожу до покраснения и ощущения легкого жжения.

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