Honey-mustard wrap for slimming

Honey-mustard wrap for slimming
Many women with time begin to think about the fight against cellulite. Unfortunately, this problem does not bypass almost anyone. Someone resorts to the help of specialists, to surgical intervention. This option is the most dangerous, the consequences can be very different. There are also those who fight cellulite with the help of cosmetic procedures, such as, for example, honey-mustard wraps. By the way, these procedures can be performed at home.


Honey-mustard wrap at home

A common way to date is the method of wrapping – this is applying masks from natural ingredients to problem areas of the skin. For example, for masks use coffee grounds, honey, sea salt, mustard and so on. The most effective way is honey-mustard wrapping. Natural components do not burn fat, they help get rid of excess fluid in the body, give elasticity to the skin. Therefore, in conjunction with other ways to combat cellulite or excess fat, this wrap is a very effective method.

Honey-mustard wrap – a tool for weight loss

How does the honey-mustard wrap work? First, a small weight loss is achieved due to the loss of excess water. Secondly, honey and mustard in tandem perfectly tighten the skin, give it elasticity, elasticity. Mustard has the effect of accelerating the metabolism: it helps the blood to move faster in the body, and this, in turn, helps the body to metabolize more quickly. Thirdly, the old and dead cells are removed from the skin thanks to the wrap, the skin is renewed, it becomes more silky.

Honey-mustard wrap: recipe

The recipe for honey-mustard wrapping is very simple: in equal amounts you need to mix honey and mustard. It will be better if honey is not very liquid. To the resulting mixture, you can add orange or any other citrus essential oil – literally a couple of drops.

The resulting mask is applied with a thin layer on the skin and wrap yourself with a food film in several layers. The effect will be better if after applying the mask on the skin do not move, but lie, covered in a blanket. The mask needs to stand on itself from 30 minutes to 1 hours. If the mustard very much burns the skin, it is better to wash off the mask.

Honey-mustard wraps: contraindications

In addition to burning, there are other contraindications. For example, do not use these ingredients for wrapping, if there is an allergy to them. Contraindicated in such a wrap and during pregnancy and feeding.

Such procedures should be performed at least 2 weeks, every 2 days. And in a couple of weeks you will be able to evaluate the effect and effect of honey-mustard wrapping.

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