Honey massage: indications, contraindications and useful properties

Honey massage: indications, contraindications and useful properties
Honey massage, although it arose a long time ago, but for many years he was not given the necessary attention. But in recent years this type of massage has gained a lot of popularity. Honey itself has a lot of useful features, but in combination with massage has a powerful effect on the body.

Honey massage: use

honey massage

Massage with honey, like all other types of massage, primarily affects the skin and subcutaneous structure. Improving blood circulation, increasing cell regeneration, venous blood outflow, improving the internal organs as a result of the launch of reflex processes in the body – all this arises from the work of the hands of a massage therapist. In addition to all, honey very well nourishes the skin. Also, honey has another unique property – the ability to pull slag. Doing a massage with honey, you can get rid of the harmful radicals that have settled in the cells of the body.

Massage with honey: indications for use

honey massage

Most often, honey massage is used in cosmetology. As an additional remedy, this kind of massage is very often applied when losing weight. But apart from cosmetology, it is also used as one of the methods of treating various diseases. Honey will help in resorption of scars and healing of wounds.

Honey massage can be included in treatment for respiratory diseases, diseases of the musculoskeletal system, vascular diseases. Honey massage will help to strengthen immunity.

In addition, massage with honey will help to get rid of psychological diseases. Stress, neurosis, depression, insomnia disappear after several massage procedures. It also helps to relieve the feeling of fatigue.

Honey massage: contraindications

anti-cellulite honey massage

The main contraindication in the application of honey for massage is an allergy to beekeeping products. It is also forbidden to do such a massage with oncology, tuberculosis, with various pathologies of the hematopoietic system of the body. You can not do massage with various viral, fungal and bacterial diseases of the skin. Contraindicated massage and with renal and hepatic insufficiency.

It is not recommended to make honey massage and with a thick scalp on the skin. In this case, the massage will be very painful.

How to make honey massage

massage with honey

The body before the massage should be warmed up. It's good to have a shower. Massage begins with the classic. Thus, the specialist warms up the skin. Honey should be applied first to the hands of the masseur, and only then to the skin. Honey should be evenly distributed throughout the entire area of ??exposure. Then the master presses his hands to the skin and then sharply tears them off. This stage is repeated until the moment when the whole skin is not exposed. On the hands of the master, in addition to honey, there will be something gray. This is the slag that leads the honey. The session lasts about 15 minutes. And upon completion, the patient goes to the shower and rinses off the remnants of honey. If the massage is prescribed by the course, it is done from 12 to 15 every other day.

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