Home mask for hair growth and strengthening

Home mask for hair growth and strengthening
The truest truth: the hair needs regular care, even if by nature they are lush, shiny, beautiful. For this, it is not necessary to use expensive air-conditioners, balms, rinses. No less effective are home hair masks.


Composition of mask for hair

A perfect folk remedy is a mask with burdock oil. It is universal, suitable for all types of hair, strengthens them and promotes good growth. Make a mask is simple, you need:

– burdock oil – 200 g;

– vitamins in ampoules A, E, D – according to 20

These ingredients are sold in a pharmacy and are quite inexpensive. Oil and vitamins mixed in plastic or enameled containers and put on a water bath. A little secret: you need to heat up to 90 degrees, do not allow the mixture to boil, and then it will wash off the hair easily. If the composition is overheated, the hair will have to be washed several times to completely remove the mask from them.

How to make a mask for hair

Warm the firming mask with your fingers in the roots of the hair, apply the product on the hair and distribute it along the entire length. Wear a polyethylene hat on your head and hold the mask for 1,5-2 hours. If there is no cap, you can make a kerchief from the package and tie it over your head. After two days, repeat the procedure.

The product is quite effective, so often the mask should not be done, it is enough a year once, better in the spring. The duration of the course is 2-3 a week.

Of course, one mask of hair care is not limited. It should be complex, the only way you can keep your hair in perfect condition. Normal and dry hair is preferably washed through 2-3 days, greasy – every other day. Optimum water temperature when washing 38-40?C, too hot water overdry hair, they lose natural shine. After washing, it is recommended to use balsam, especially for long hair. After balm they are easier to comb.

It is not desirable to use iron combs, preferably wooden, horn, bone and silicone. For styling suitable ceramic brashingi with natural or mixed bristles. Adhere to simple rules of care and soft silky hair will be your pride until old age.

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