Home hand care recipes

Home hand care recipes
In order for the hands to retain their health and beauty for a long time, they need to be properly taken care of. The skin of the hands needs daily cleansing, nutrition and toning. In this case, people's means will come to help.
Cleansing glycerol.
Take 1 tsp. drinking soda, 1 st.l. soap powder (liquid soap). Dissolve in 1 a liter of warm water, add 1 st.l. a spoonful of glycerin and 0,5 tsp. ammonia. Hold 10 minutes, then soak the hands well with a towel. Finish the procedure by spreading the skin of the hands with a fat cream.

Appliques with irritated skin of hands.
Boil 2 potatoes in a uniform, clean. Take a small fresh cucumber, peel and grate on a fine grater. With the help of gauze, squeeze the cucumber juice. Next, stretch the potatoes, adding 2 tsp. Cucumber juice. Then apply the resulting mixture a thick layer on the skin of the hands, covering them with gauze or food film. After 15-20, rinse the mixture with warm water and spread the hands with a nutritious cream.

Oil baths for dry skin of hands.
In the bowl prepared for the procedure, pour the 1 liter of warm water, add 10 ml. cosmetic oil, any for your taste (almond, peach, olive) and drip a few drops of lemon juice. Hold hands 10 minutes.

Bath for inflamed and weather-beaten skin.
Take 1 tsp. dry chamomile, 1 tsp. dry nettle, 1.ch.L. Sage on 1 a liter of hot water. Insist 3 minutes, then strain the resulting solution from the ostinok and put your hands. Make baths until the water is completely cool. Gently wipe the hands with a towel and cover with a nourishing cream.

Bath with the appearance of cracks.
Take 1 st.l. pounded leaves of plantain and 1 st.l. chamomile pharmacy at 1 l. water. Keep hands in the resulting solution 10-15 min. Then grease the skin with a fat cream.

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