Home face masks from peeling skin

Home face masks from peeling skin
Skin peeling is a common problem faced by owners of all skin types. To bring back the scaly skin attractiveness and smoothness, it is recommended to use medical masks of both industrial and domestic production. The therapeutic process consists in removing dead cells (soft scrubs are used for this) and moistening the skin with the help of special cosmetic products.

Oat cleansing mixture for peeling skin

To prepare such a scrub, take the following ingredients:
– 1 st.l. oatmeal;
– A pinch of baking soda;
– a little chilled boiled water.
Oat flakes are crushed in a coffee grinder into a flour, mixed with soda and this mixture is diluted with water (a thick paste-like mass should be obtained). The cleansing mixture is applied to moist skin, gently massage 2-3 minutes, paying special attention to highly peeling areas, and after washing off with cool boiled water.

Egg peeling

To prepare a scrub, you need these products:
– желток куриного яйца;
– 1 tsp sour cream;
– 1 tsp crushed egg shell.
The ingredients are mixed, after which the resulting gruel is abundantly covered with the skin, keep the mask for 3-5 minutes and rinse with warm boiled water. Cooked on this recipe, the mask not only cleanses scaly skin, but also perfectly hydrates it.

Moisturizing cosmetic mixture based on vegetable oil

The recipe for this remedy is:
– 1,5 st.l. honey;
– 1 st.l. almond, grape or peach oil.
The nutrient mixture is applied to the cleansed skin, left for 13-15 minutes and rinsed off with boiled water at a comfortable temperature.

Milk and vegetable mixture for moisturizing the scaly skin

This moisturizing cosmetic contains the following components:
– 1 st.l. crushed fresh carrots in a blender;
– milk;
– 1 st.l. oatmeal.
Crushed oats into flours are mixed with carrot puree and diluted with warm milk (this should be a mass that resembles sour cream in consistency). The finished compound is covered with cleansed skin, leave the mixture for 15-17 minutes, then rinse off with cool boiled water.

Cottage cheese mixture for peeling skin

This treatment mask is prepared from the following components:
– 1 tsp semolina groats;
– 2 tsp cottage cheese;
– Almond oil.
Munch is mixed with cottage cheese and so much oil is added to get a thick paste-like mass. The mask is applied to clean damp skin, left for 15-18 minutes, after which the leftovers of the nutrient mixture are removed with a dry paper towel and washed with warm boiled water.

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