History of silicone breast

History of silicone breast
So there are women, that the charms given by nature, they are not always satisfied. Representatives of the fair sex are ready to change all parts of the body, just to match the standards or stand out from the crowd. And then in the course are plastic surgery on the nose, lips, ears. But the undisputed leader in the "restoration" of female beauty is the breast.

The first silicone experiments

Few people know that история silicone breast goes into the middle of the last century. For the first time an implant in the mammary gland was sewed by an American surgeon Tony Cronin. And the idea of ??such an experiment occurred to him during one of the operations, when he drew attention to the blood transfusion vessel, which in its form resembles the mammary gland. Suddenly, the association that emerged brought its results. "And why not try to increase with the help of special prostheses this chest"Thought the surgeon. No sooner said than done. Soon, Cronin performed the first surgery in the history of medicine for sewing a silicone sac in the mammary gland with a small amount of a special gel. As a test, the surgeon's favorite was the dog. This операция, held in 1961 year, marked the beginning of the silicone industry.

Having learned about the possibility of breast augmentation, the women, who were not constrained in the means, were drawn to the clinics. To the first clients, doctors sewed implants from a thick silicone shell filled with liquid silicone.

Silicone – a substance obtained by synthesis and consisting of oxygen and silicon. If desired, the structure of the silicone and its properties can be changed and obtained depending on the purpose and the field of application, both its gel and solid state.

Development of silicone implants

The first implants were very unreliable. Around the capsule with silicone from the connective tissue formed a powerful shell and placed in the chest, from which it became rigid and sometimes greatly changed its natural form.

Noting the interest Women to the silicone industry, manufacturers, doctors began to expand the range of services and the quality of the material so sought after in plastic surgery. Thus, in the seventies of the last century появились implants of the second, more advanced, generation.

They were a capsule made from a thinner silicone, for which you did not need as much connective tissue as with the first models. However, because of this among women Often there were problems. Because of an insufficient layer of connective tissue silicone implants were more prone to risk, because they could rupture even due to minor chest trauma.

The immune system of the body recognizes silicone as a foreign body, so when the implant ruptures, an inflammation of the breast, a hematoma, the easiest consequence of which is the deformation of the breast.

In the eighties, implants of the third generation appear with a rough surface that prevents the growth of connective tissue. Filled such prosthesis saline, cohesive (gel-like) silicone gel, biocompatible hydrogel.

Along with the development of silicone plastic, there are more and more negative reviews about implants. It turned out that silicone when ingested into the mammary gland provokes the development of cancer tumors. However, even this fact has not discouraged the representatives of the fairer sex from showing off breastfeeding bigger size.

Studies of the effect of silicone on women's health continued even at a time when plastic operations Breast enlargement was banned. But in the nineties, physicians were pleased with the result: modern silicone capsules do not harm the mammary gland.

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Silicone ladies

Today, when the plastic surgery for breast augmentation has gone to the flow, many stars do not hide the fact that they have fallen under the surgical scalpel. Changed their breasts Jessica Simpson, Mariah Carey, Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears, Demi Moore, Paris Hilton, Jennifer Aniston, Malissa Miller, Pamela Anderson. The services of mammoplastics were also used by Russian stars. Among them Ekaterina Strizhenova, Anzhelika Varum, Lada Dance, Lera Kudryavtseva, Anastasia Zavorotnyuk, Alsu, Irina Dubtsova and many other show divas.

А most the first woman who was sewed silicone implants, which increased the breast at once to several sizes, was the mother of many children Timmy Jean Lindsay.

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