High-quality lipstick. How to determine the presence of lead in lipstick

High-quality lipstick. How to determine the presence of lead in lipstick
To the great regret of women, some lipsticks contain toxic substances that can cause irritation, rash, nausea and poisoning. For their lives, women eat about 2 kg of lipstick. And negligent producers specify in the composition only that information which will be pleasant to read to buyers. Lipstick should be of high quality, and to check it, it is not necessary to use professional technique.

You can check lipstick in a special laboratory. There, the buyer will be accurately told about the absence or presence of harmful substances. But to carry out such verification for each purchased cosmetic product is quite long and expensive. Therefore, there are ways to identify lead in lipstick, as well as other substances harmful to the body at home.

What toxic substances can contain lipstick

how to choose a lipstick

The main components of lipstick are wax, oils, dyes, mineral pigments, various vitamins and additional ingredients that make the lipstick dull, shimmering, moisturizing or firm.

If the wax, vitamins and oils do not cause doubts in their safety, then the other ingredients should be found in more detail.

Dyes in lipstick can be used as natural, made from herbs and vegetables, and artificial. Their large content in lipstick can be dangerous to health. Some of the most harmful dyes are those based on coal tar. It has the property of accumulating in the body and can even lead to a fatal outcome. Other signs of poisoning with dyes in lipstick may be overdrying of the lips, allergic reactions or dermatitis.

Mineral pigments can be both synthetic and natural. But in a particular case, synthetic substances will talk about a higher quality product. Iron oxide can react with arsenic, lead, or mercury. And the presence of oxide in lipstick can indicate that other reagents can be present in it.

How to choose a lipstick


When buying lipstick, it is worth to choose the product, which contains natural beeswax. The presence of vegetable wax also indicates a good the quality of lipstick.

Before buying it is necessary to smell the lipstick. If you smell good, then this indicates a high percentage of perfume. So, this lipstick contains more harmful additives.

In order to determine whether there is lead in lipstick, lipstick and gold jewelry will be required. For example, a ring. It is necessary to hold a lipstick on the back of the hand, and then apply the lipstick several times with a ring. In the presence of lead, the lipstick on the arm will darken. Taku lipstick is better not to buy. After all, it is proven that lead can cause cancer or brain damage.

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