Herbs for weight loss: beauty recipes

Herbs for weight loss: beauty recipes
Medicinal herbs for weight loss – a highly effective tool in the fight against excess kilograms. Physical activity, a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle, along with properly selected herbal remedies, will help to lose weight naturally without harming one's health.

Herbs slimming it is desirable to apply in an integrated approach to combating obesity and obesity. The use of herbs can be ineffective with excessive nutrition, lack of activity, the presence of bad habits, chronic diseases. This type of recovery, although it is the most natural of all possible, still requires compulsory medical advice.

Recipe for herbal infusion of Senna, dogrose and raisins

Perhaps the most famous collection for losing weight and purification of the body.

For the present you need: raisins – 200 g, holosas (rose hips syrup) – 250 g, Senna – 20. Raisins soaked in a liter of boiling water and put on 30 minutes for a water bath. Senna pour 300 ml of boiling water, also put in a water bath. Broth filter through a sieve and pour into a jar. Pour in 250 ml of Holos.

Herbs for weight loss should be drunk on 100 ml before going to sleep 20 consecutive days or with a break in 10 days. So you can reset to 10 kg of excess weight.

Ginger tea for weight loss

Pour one teaspoon of grated dried ginger root with a glass of boiling water, add a spoonful of honey and a lemon slice. Drink infusions for weight loss, stimulating metabolism, should be performed on an empty stomach in the morning and before bedtime. The ginger root can be added to black or green tea without sugar.

To enhance the effect, ginger tea can be brewed with herbal remedies. For example, a teaspoon of mint or lemon balm stimulates the work of the kidneys and bladder, for the same purposes, leaves of red bilberry are placed in ginger tea.

Для страдающих ожирением в имбирный чай рекомендовано добавлять чеснок. Компоненты завариваются в пропорции: одна часть имбиря, столько же измельченного чеснока и 20 частей горячей воды. Настоять 30 минут и принимать средство для похудения в течение дня.

Tea from linden and ameli for weight loss

Observing the diet with herbaceous collection based on lime-colored and amelia sheath, you can lose weight up to five kilograms in five days. On the first day between meals, one-component infusion of lime should be drunk – a tablespoon of herb per liter of boiling water.

On the second day – similarly brewed infusion of amel. The remaining three days you can drink a combination of tea from amel and lime with the addition of honey and lemon. It should be eaten moderately.

In the presence of cardiovascular diseases and kidney problems before using herbs for weight loss should consult with a doctor.

Очищающие травы для похудения с простоквашей

One grated green or yellow apple is mixed with the crushed root of dried or fresh celery in a three to one ratio. The ground small horseradish root with a glass of curdled milk pour into the apple with celery. Salt. Puree should be eaten every night before going to bed for seven days.

Состав сбора трав для похудения “Летящая ласточка”

Чай для похудения “Летящая ласточка” обладает слабительным очищающим эффектом. В своем составе он может содержать тайские, китайские и даже тибетские сборы трав. Состав “Летящей ласточки”: чайные листья классические, выжимка коры зеленого лимона и желтой тыквы, листья брусники, плоды боярышника, корень солодки, лакричник обыкновенный, а также знакомые листья сены. Также в составе чая для похудения могут присутствовать листья индийского лотоса, Palm trees catechu, grass demon mine, rose vank, fiber loofah, cassia seed tora, spiked.

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