Healthy facial skin: apple masks

Healthy facial skin: apple masks
In the struggle for healthy skin, all means are good, especially when these products consist solely of natural ingredients. In cosmetology, apples are used in everything: apple cider vinegar for slimming, flesh for skin health. So how can you make this face white and smooth with this delicious fruit? Scientists have established that apples are a powerful anti-aging agent that can push back aging, preventing cancer. In apples contain natural antioxidants, created to fight for health. And they have a lot of vitamin C and iron.

Apple mask from acne

Rub the apple with the peel on the grater, mix with three tablespoons of sugared honey. Apply a thick mass on a clean face, wait ten minutes. Pre-steal the skin, then the effectiveness of the mask will be higher! Add the egg yolk to the mask to soak the skin.

Apple mask against wrinkles

Apple-milk mask will help withering skin. Grind the green apple on the grater. Add milk to the resulting mush, let the mask be infused for twenty minutes. Apply to the skin of the face, fix it with a food film, having previously made holes in the flap for the mouth, eyes, nose. Without the film you can not do it – it will create the effect of "parks".

Чтобы усилить свойства яблочной маски от морщин, поместите лицо под пар на пять минут – это может быть посуда с горячей водой. Только будьте внимательны – не обожгитесь! Поры под воздействием тепла расширятся, кожа размягчится, полезные компоненты проникнут в дерму гораздо быстрее.

Such a mask should be kept on the face for no more than fifteen minutes.

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