Hand Care

Hand Care
Make your own arms groomed by any woman. The main thing is daily and consistent care. Complex hand care includes their cleansing, nutrition and protection from negative consequences.

To soften the skin of your hands, use a lotion prepared in domestic conditions. For lotion you need:
– 1 / 2 glass of water;
– 2 st.lozhki glycerin;
– 1 / 4 tsp borax;
– 1 tsp honey.
Mix all the ingredients.

After washing, lubricate your hands with cream prepared on a water bath from a mixture of 50 gr. Lanolin, 10 gr. Vaseline, 5 gr. ichthyol.

Not everyone knows that masks can be done not only for the face, but also for the hands. They resemble warming compresses and are used to moisturize the skin of the hands. To make a hand mask, mash boiled potatoes, mix it with 1 / 4 a glass of milk, 1 a teaspoon of olive oil. After applying the composition on your hands, you need to put on your hands rubber gloves, on top – warm mittens. Keep the mask for 40 minutes.

To combat the coarsened skin of the elbows, massage them while taking a shower with a mixture of sea salt and cream.

Paraffin hand masks have a tremendous moisturizing effect.
To prepare such a mask, you must melt the water paraffin wax to 50-60 degrees, add 5 gr. beeswax and 20 gr. olive oil. Wet this bandage with a bandage doubled and put on hands for 20 minutes.

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