Hand care: secrets of tenderness

Hand care: secrets of tenderness
Beautiful hands attract attention and emphasize the refinement of a woman. Velvety skin attracts the eye and causes a desire to touch. In well-groomed hands, rings, bracelets and exquisite manicure look beautiful. To maintain the youthfulness of the skin and make it smooth and supple, good cosmetics should be used. And how to take care of your hands and what creams to buy, you will learn by reading this article to the end.


Tips for choosing a cream

  • Before you buy a new product, read the information on the packaging and pay special attention to the composition of the product. Choose cosmetics that contain vitamins, emollients, moisturizing elements.
  • Be sure to use both day and night creams. The first maintains the beauty of the hands during the day, while the second nourishes and protects them while you sleep. Daycare, as a rule, has a lighter consistency, rather than a night.
  • Do not forget to periodically (1-2 times a week) use a scrub. This magic remedy removes the dead skin particles, making it perfectly flawless. Use a scrub is extremely simple: apply a small amount of the composition on wet hands and vigorously, but gently massage them for three minutes. If the product is over and there is no way to immediately buy it in a good store, prepare the peeling mixture yourself. Take olive oil and mix it with brown sugar in the proportion of 1 to 1. Home scrub is ready!
  • On hot days, use a cream with ultraviolet protection, so you prevent premature skin aging. In winter, use a product with silicone, which perfectly protects the skin from frost.

Take care of yourself, take care of your body, and you will always look and feel great.

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