Hand care in the home

Hand care in the home
In order for the skin of the hands to be beautiful and elastic, and the nails – strong and elastic, they need to be properly and regularly taken care of. This does not mean that you have to spend money on expensive salon procedures and cosmetics. On the contrary, a woman can provide care for her hands at home, using folk remedies.

First, buy a good quality liquid soap. To care for the skin of the hands it is much more useful than hard. Of course, the exception is a natural soap, prepared with his own hands. However, such wonderful pieces are not cheap, and if you do not do so-yourself, this option is unlikely to suit you. However, women's gentle hands have more formidable and terrible "Enemies" than the wrong soap. First of all, this applies to household chemicals. When doing homework, always wear rubber gloves. They protect the skin of the hands from the aggressive influence of chemical agents.

Legendary Sophia Loren advised the fair sex to use a home-made nourishing cream. This advice is good enough, but only if you use it regularly and whenever possible after each washing of hands. To make it, you need to take any ready-made cream, mixed with beeswax and essential oil. In this case, ideal oil of lavender or avocado. The most optimal is the following combination of components: 50 ml cream, 20 oil drops and 1-1.5 tsp. melted beeswax.

Раз в неделю уделяйте уходу за руками хотя бы 1-1.5 часа. Эти приятные процедуры можно спокойно совмещать, например, с просмотром любимого фильма. Приготовьте ванночку для рук: в 500 мл теплой воды растворите 2 ч.л. морской соли. Причем желательно использовать ту, которая не содержит красителей и ароматизаторов. Можете добавить в раствор 1-2 ампулы масляного раствора витамина А и Е. Затем нужно погрузить кисти рук в средство и держать в течение 15 минут.

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