Hairy method of eyebrow tattooing

Hairy method of eyebrow tattooing
Tattooing – the opportunity to look perfect at any time of the day. Today, tattoo make-up for eyebrows, which allows to "draw" symmetrical eyebrows of ideal shape, is very popular. A novelty in this sphere is the method of hair tattoo, the result of which will be natural and well-groomed eyebrows. Tattoo of eyebrows consists in the introduction of the coloring pigment into the upper layers of the skin with a special needle tool. You can divide the techniques of tattooing for eyebrows into two types – soft feathering or hair method, it is also called "hair to hair."
Not every woman is satisfied with the shape and density of her eyebrows. However, using the services of a professional, you can give the eyebrows a beautiful shape, exciting bending.

The hair method eyebrow tattoo helps to achieve a natural shade, and most importantly – you can for a long time forget about the need корректировать брови, they should be tinted daily. The technology has a minimum number of contraindications, and the dyes used have an organic or mineral basis, excluding the appearance of allergic reactions.

Voloskovy tattoo requires high professionalism of the master, during the procedure will need to pay attention to the drawing of each hair. The work can take several hours, eyebrow tattoo is performed under local anesthesia.

Особенности волоскового метода татуажа

The procedure of hair tattoo is aimed at changing the shape of the eyebrows and their thickness. Unlike a simple technique, this latest technology allows you to achieve a more lasting effect. As one can understand from titles, волосковый татуаж имитирует волоски, причем с его помощью можно скрыть шрамы, рубцы. Метод станет оптимальным выбором в том случае, если волос немного и есть желание сделать брови гуще. Конечно, эта салонная услуга более длительная в исполнении и сложная, но результат стоит того. Перманентный макияж, имитирующий натуральные волоски, обеспечит естественный вид бровям на несколько лет.

Виды волоскового татуажа бровей

Существует две методики волоскового татуажа, или перманентного макияжа – европейская и восточная. Последняя более сложная, потому что штрихи красящим составом будут наноситься по направлению роста бровей. Черточки при этом различаются по длине и толщине, благодаря чему брови смотрятся максимально натурально даже при близком рассмотрении. Европейская же техника заключается в нанесении одинаковых штрихов стандартной длины строго в одном направлении – вверх, кончики черточек опущены. То есть, метод строится на получении изящного изгиба.

For the hair tattoo master can mix up to ten shades of paint. Previously, the drawing is shown to the client not only on paper in a sketch, but is also applied with a conventional cosmetic pencil.

Nuances of eyebrow care after tattooing

Voloskovy method tatuazha does not require special training, you only need to specify the color of the eyebrows and their shape. But after the permanent make-up, it is necessary to carefully treat the eyebrows with antiseptic agents that have an anti-inflammatory effect. Immediately assess the skill of a specialist will not succeed, because the crust and puffiness comes off in about seven days. Consider that after the European tattoo you will need to adjust the shape and color of the eyebrows every few months, while the eastern technique preserves the result for a couple of years.

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