Hairstyles for medium length hair

Hairstyles for medium length hair
Among modern women is very common average length of hair – above the shoulders or slightly lower. Some simply wear them loose or gather into the tail. But there are many interesting options for hairstyles and hair cuts for medium length hair. Modern fashion hair styles for medium length hair should be natural. The more asymmetry and negligence there are, the better. By the way, a lot depends on the properly chosen haircuts.

Perhaps the most common haircuts on medium hair принято считать каре (с челкой) и боб (без челки). Также отличным вариантом для тонких волос станет градуированная стрижка. На пике популярности сейчас находится интересная стрижка с удлиненными передними прядями. Если же волосы спускаются ниже плеч примерно на 10 см, стоит постричь их лесенкой. С такой универсальной стрижкой можно будет сделать практически любую прическу.

For fairly thick hair, geometric haircuts are better.

Among everyday hairstyles for hair of medium length, the leading place is occupied by a high beam. If the length allows, you can make a bundle in the form of a spectacular bow. This hairstyle does not even require any additional accessories for decoration. Bunches with a roller are best for an evening out. This is ideal for girls with straight and smooth hair.

Trendy hairstyles with braids are also designed for medium hair. The French braid along the forehead line will look spectacular on the cut of the square. The length slightly below the shoulders allows you to lay the braid with a crown. For a party and an office – this is the best option. By the way for an evening hairstyle with braids hair should be slightly twisted and plaited at once a few braids. Well, if you want, you can braid two pigtails and put them around the head with a rim. As a result, you will get a very nice everyday hairstyle.

On hair of medium length, it will be very impressive to look such a hairstyle with a nap, like babette. To create a romantic image, the fallen strands must be laid in curls. By the way, hair can be added as an additional element in the tail or other hairstyle.

Curly hair of medium length should be shaped like a haircut, so that they look well-groomed. You can also collect a careless bunch at the back of your head. Well, the owner of straight hair who dream of curls, you can advise to make a hair style in the style of Afro with hair curlers and hairpins.

As for the styling, it is now in vogue retro style. Such laying with rollers or smooth waves under Marilyn Monroe and other celebrities 50-ies will help create an original image for an evening appearance. Well, in the afternoon, the hair of medium length, asymmetrically laid on one side, will look pretty.

If a girl has a long and thick bang, it can be effectively combed and stabbed back. In this case, the hair will need a little curl. The result is a very interesting evening hairstyle.

Some women with medium-length hair do prefer styling. Then they always need to have big curlers or special curling irons at home. Using these tools, you can curl the hair along the entire length, just poke the tips upwards or wrap them inward.

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