Hairstyles for medium hair: a new image every day

Hairstyles for medium hair: a new image every day
With the help of a hairdo, you can create a unique image and emphasize the individuality. For medium length hair, you can come up with new styling every day. The complexity of the hairstyle depends on the time that you have to create it.

Hairstyle options for medium hair

If you have a fashionable asymmetrical haircut, it allows you to experiment with any strands of varying lengths. So, make a tail on the vertex, and in front leave a few strands. Let them beautifully frame the face. If there is a bang on the forehead, then additional strands will be superfluous.

Hair of medium length looks great waves. For this, curl the hair on curlers. Twist them inward. Thermo-curlers can be removed in an hour after twisting. Conventional curlers require more time to form curls. The resulting curls comb and sprinkle with varnish to keep them. If the side hair gets too close to your eyes, kill them with invisible ones. This type of piling is called "Cold Wave". To create it, you can use a hair gel.

If you like the effect of wet hair, you can treat curled hair with gel. Pre-lightly wet your hair. The advantage of medium hair is that they do not need too much gel.

If the hair is long enough (below the shoulders), make a lump of them. Collect the hair in the ponytail and fix it with an elastic band. Then twist the hair into a bundle and place it in a circle. Fix the bundle with studs, and on top put on an elastic band.

If the hair reaches only to the shoulders, wet them with water and wind on the curlers outwards. All the curlers are arranged on one level: at the height of the temple. When the hair is dry, remove one curler, but do not untangle curls. Connect the curled locks to the invisible ones so that they form one continuous line. In order to keep the hair on, sprinkle the hair with a hair spray. At the person let out some strands and завейте them. If there is a bang, lift it up, make it round and sprinkle with varnish.

Hairstyles for medium hair with braids

To create hairstyles on medium hair, use different types of weaving. Remember that now in fashion curvy braids. Do the weaving from one side. Divide the hair, located at the front of the three strands. Begin to weave a regular braid. Through a pair of links, make the hairpins from the top of the head. When you reach the base of the neck, connect the braid with the rest of the hair. You can make a tail. And then twist it into a bump. In any case, finish the weaving with a beautiful bow or hairpin.

In addition, you can arrange the braid on your head diagonally or straight. A very popular kind of weaving: a spit inside out or a French scythe. To do this, the hair should fall at least slightly below the shoulders. To make the French braid voluminous and lush, pull the already braided strands from the right and left sides to the same distance. Do this carefully so as not to destroy the braid itself. Sprinkle it with lacquer. So, it will be better to hold on.

Very popular weaving on the principle of the French braid – "Waterfall". The braid should go on the crown: from one temple to another. First, braid the ordinary braid. After a couple of links, let the upper strand down – this is the first trickle of the waterfall. Instead of this strand, take the hair from below and continue the weaving from the place where you stopped. When it will be necessary to weave the upper hair, throw them down again and take a new hair line from the lower hair. When you reach the ear, fix the hair with an invisible. You can attach a bow or a flower to this place.

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