Hairstyle of a corrugation: wave after wave

Hairstyle of a corrugation: wave after wave
Recently, in favor of a magnificent volume and curls. But not simple, but corrugated. They can be worn in a loose form, but it's better to put it in a stylish hairstyle that's easy to make.

Under corrugation understand the series of parallel waves. To achieve a fashionable wave will help weaving braids for the night, special tongs or good old papillotki. The easiest and most convenient way is to use forceps with a special relief plate, which happens different shapes and width. The best choice would be models with a ceramic plate. If it still has a silver coating – shine to your hair is guaranteed. Such forceps quickly heat up and are equipped with a temperature regulator, which will not overdry the strands.

How to make corrugated paper

Pre-treat hair with any styling product along the entire length. Laying corrugation should be carried out from the roots towards the tips of the hair, but not vice versa, as some do. First, divide the hair into separate strands, then alternately clamp them between the corrugating surfaces of the plates of the forceps. For one strand, do not exceed 15 seconds! Next, the forceps must be moved down to the place where the pattern on the treated hair has ended. Fashionable shirring is ready!

Safety measures

It is necessary to know some nuances. Do not forget to consider the structure and damage of your hair. If your hair is greatly weakened, apply forceps on them with a maximum temperature of 180 degrees. The optimum exposure temperature for healthy hair is 190 degrees, for hard and curly hair – 190-200 degrees. The temperature above this limit is fatal even when using the highest quality thermoswitches.

Hairstyles with corrugation

Самая простая прическа на основе гофре – просто собрать получившиеся локоны наверх и зафиксировать их при помощи шпилек. Для этого волосы в затылочной части головы скрутите в своеобразный валик и закрепите его невидимками. Прядь за прядью фиксируйте волосы при помощи лака, невидимок или шпилек. Для подчеркивания структуры гофре следует использовать жидкий лак. Можно оставить волосы у корней прямыми, а гофре сделать, отступив от них на 20-30 сантиметров. Затем волосы собрать в конский хвост. Получится весьма стильная прическа, которая впишется во многие повседневные образы.

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