Hairstyle in a hurry: when there was only 5 minutes left

Hairstyle in a hurry: when there was only 5 minutes left
Quick and easy to lay your hair you can without the use of curlers, curling irons and other appliances. With the help of fashion accessories for hair and good styling products, you will make an effective hairstyle in just 5 minutes. It can be business or evening – it all depends on the situation and properly selected costume jewelry.

What you need for a hairstyle

Keep your hair clean. The washed strands are much easier to lay, and the hair will look more beautiful. Always have lacquers of different fixation on hand. For laying curls will need an easy means, and it is better to fasten an evening hairstyle with a stronger varnish. It is useful modeling wax, mousse or spray for styling, as well as a smoothing hair cream. With this kit, you can change hair styles without harming the hair.

Stock up with stylish accessories. Quickly lay your hair will help you rims, flat barrettes and hairpins, crabs, as well as rubber bands for hair and invisibility. Auxiliary accessories like hairpins and invisible should match with the shade of your hair, and smart jewelery is better to combine with clothing.

Several options for everyday styling

Try a simple hairstyle for straight or wavy long hair. Comb your hair on an oblique parting and sprinkle them with a spray that removes excess static electricity. Collect the strands in the low tail on the back of the head, moving it to the sides. Tangle the hair in a simple braid, tie the tip of a thin rubber band in the color of hair. Wrap the braid around the elastic, forming a bundle, and kill it with the studs. Fix the hairdress with an easy fixation.

Curly hair can be tamed using a cream that forms curls. Put on a palm portion of the product, lightly rub, and then apply to the hair. Curls stack, slightly winding them on the finger. Put a bezel or bandage over your head, and then sprinkle your hair with a light spray.

Short and medium-length hair can be laid differently. Comb the strands back with a comb dipped in a gel. Strip the bangs and comb them with a wave. At the temples, chop the hair with invisible objects, and then tuck it behind your ears. The ends of the hair can be treated with soft wax, fingers pulling them in the form of feathers.

Fast Evening Hairstyles

From long hair, you can quickly build an effective styling. Apply a smoothing cream on your hair and comb them on an oblique parting. Collect the strands on the vertex, tying them with a thin rubber band in the tail. Divide the tail into strands and twist each into a bundle. Lay bundles in the form of nodules around the base of the tail, fixing them with pins. In conclusion, sprinkle your hair with a spray in shine.

Straight hair of medium length is quickly twisted into the shell. Comb them back, sprinkling with a fixing spray. With your left hand, twist the strands in a tourniquet, and turn the right one in the form of a vertical roller. Carefully thread the ends of the hair under the roller and fasten the structure with the studs, sticking them from the top down. At the forehead, the hair can be lifted slightly by laying them in the form of a coca. Hairstyle garnish with a large flat barrette or decorative pins with rhinestones. Sprinkle the stove with varnish.

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