Hairstyle for long hair for every day

Hairstyle for long hair for every day
Hairstyle is an important part of the female image. For long hair there are a lot of elegant styling. Now in a fashion highly harnessed hair, horse tails, French braids and curls.

Hairstyle Options for Long Hair

Everyday laying for long hair should be done quickly and require minimum fixing. When creating hairstyles, remember that all ingenious is simple.

An ordinary smooth beam is performed in 5 minutes. Collect the hair in the ponytail and fix it with an elastic band. After that, twist the tail into a bundle and wrap it around. The tip of the hair with a hairpin, so that the resulting cones do not fall apart. You can slightly complicate the hair, if you plait from the tail of the braid. It can be left hanging or also twisting into a cone. You will get a very interesting hairstyle, if you braid not one, but two or three braids, and then put them in a bump.

The rim of thin plaits is an original, but simple hairstyle for every day. Comb your hair along the entire length. From below, separate a small strand of hair and tighten a thin braid from it very tightly. On the other side of the head, also braid the pigtail. They should be the same width. Now toss the pigtails over your head: you will get a bezel. The ends of the braids are firmly fixed with invisible devices. Whip the remaining hair with your hands and swing it forward.

Hairstyle with a fleece can make you look like the heroine of the old movie "Babette goes to war." Part off the front hair on the forehead. Strand hair at the back of the head, and then twist it into a tourniquet. Fold the tourniquet into the bump and secure with the studs. Now hair, brushed forward, throw back: they will close the cone. To make the bobs more voluminous, you can comb the front hair at the roots. At the back, fix the locks with invisible objects and sprinkle them with varnish.

French braids for long hair

French braids are very popular nowadays. Use them for everyday as well as holiday styling. In order to braid the French braid, divide the upper hair into three strands. Number the strands from right to left: right strand – No. 1, middle strand – No. 2, left strand – No. 3. Begin to weave a braid: strand number 1 place under strand number 2. Strand No. 3, move under the lock number 1. Now, from the hair on the left side of the head, separate a small string and attach it to strand No. 2. Move the No. 2 strand to the bottom. Now, from the hair on the right side of the head, take a small string and connect it to the central strand. Do the weaving on this technique until the hair is over.

It is very important not to confuse strands during plaiting, otherwise the braid will not work. First you need to practice several times.

If you want the braid to be voluminous and lush, pull the strands from the right and left sides of each link. After that, sprinkle the braid with varnish to prevent knocking out individual hairs. Pull out only those strands that are located on the crown and neck. Free-hanging braid should not be touched.

You will get an original hairstyle if you only braid the braid on the top of your head. Then put the hair in the tail and put on a firm rubber band.

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