Haircut "Gavroche" – a new look of classics

Haircut "Gavroche" - a new look of classics
Recently, stylists prefer to use haircuts that were relevant in the middle of the last century. This is not surprising, because the fashion has such a property as cyclicity. "Gavroche" is a rather original and interesting haircut. Recently, it has slightly changed and become more relevant. If you want to create an image in retro style, then this haircut will be an excellent choice. Lovers of short hair will also appreciate it.

The resulting hairdo can be complemented with a chamfered bangs. Among other things, a properly made haircut allows you to make parting at any place. Ragged strands look very fashionable and stylish. For those girls who have curly and thick hair, the "Gavroche" will fit perfectly. This haircut looks good not only on curly hair, but also on straight lines.

Technology of haircut and styling

The technology of this haircut implies that the hair is cut short enough, while leaving the volume only at the nape of the neck. In the temporal region, the hair is cut so that only the triangle remains. This haircut does not cause any difficulties when stacking. Well in this case, looks like an elongated bang.

Every day care is a simple laying, which is carried out with the use of stowage. You can give the volume to the hair during the drying process with a round brush. You can also make hair.

If you want to make hair shiny, then for this purpose it is desirable to use special gels for styling. If you want to make a hairdo volume, then you are ideal mousse for hair.

"Gavroche" is a versatile haircut that will look good for any type of face and for any hair. You can modify the hairstyle on your own, just tell the master how you want to look. You can take with you to the hairdresser's photo with hairstyles that you liked.


If we talk about color, then there are many options. You can lighten, melt your hair or leave a natural color. Everything depends on your preferences.

On thin hair, this haircut also looks good, thanks to the thinning. Many stylists advise women of fashion to use a colorful coloring, which gives the appearance of romanticism and creativity. Coloring also gives a significant amount of hair, which can not but rejoice.

This haircut is perfect for those who lead an active lifestyle, because it does not interfere with sports. Many celebrities prefer to use a haircut called "Gavroche".

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