Hairbranding: striving for natural luxury

Hairbranding: striving for natural luxury
If your hair does not strike any of the people around you, or you yourself are dense and pompous, do not be in a hurry to despair. Thanks to branding, this problem is easily solved. In general, this procedure is similar to melioration, but only soft – the colored hair visually turns into a natural color much more smoothly. The term itself is formed by merging two English words: "brown" (brown) and "light" (blond). Thus, the essence of the procedure consists in combining dark and light tones – when using coloring, use not a monochrome color, but use a "palette" as it were. For example, if you take a dark chestnut as a basis, the additional color will be lighter; if the basis is chosen red, the second shade – honey.

Thanks to the fact that the bronzing is becoming more common, the long-standing dispute between the brunette and the blonde has been resolved – now in the trend to be a "bronze". That is, not to paint in any particular color, but to combine at least three.

Bronding is suitable for hair of all colors: both dark, and light, and red. The only thing, experts do not recommend using a too dark palette – it will be difficult for her to pick up the necessary additional shades.

When the dark hair is armored to achieve the effect, at which they will softly pour from a brown to a golden shade, use coloring techniques. It is she who helps to achieve that shades smoothly pass into each other, creating the illusion of sun glare. So, coffee and chestnut, light-brown colors "poured" to golden blond, due to what the final result of painting comes close to its natural variant.

Naturalness in this case is a key moment. The procedure of bronzing does not tolerate extravagant pretentiousness, it is always based on naturalness. The colors should look not just beautiful, but "expensive". And for this it is necessary to observe a certain technology.
First, a certain basis is prepared. As the initial colors are taken either light brown or dark blond. Brunettes and dark brown-haired women before the procedure are usually clarified, and after – toned. On the contrary, the blonde is painted in a darker color. To ensure that all shades are perfectly matched with each other during the booking, their difference should not exceed two or three tones. Otherwise, you will not get a bronze, but a standard highlight. Alternatively, you can lighten the ends of your hair, or individual strands. Or make a fringing.

Individual professionals as a final procedure after the bronzing are biolamination. It allows you to fix the result for a longer time and adds extra shine to the hair.

Брондирование волос идеально подойдет тем девушкам и женщинам, которые с одной стороны хотят поменять свой имидж, а с другой – не готовы к кардинальным переменам. Также это прекрасный вариант для коротких причесок с окрашенными волосами, если вы собираетесь отращивать их и больше не красить – благодаря мягкому переходу из светлого в темный, корни можно будет не подкрашивать долгий период времени. Сочетание нескольких тонов визуально сделает вашу прическу объемнее, а волосы – гуще.

Best of all, the bronzing will look on a little wavy and straight hair, on curly ones it's better not to do it – the overflows and glare are lost, they will not be visible. It is highly undesirable to conduct this procedure yourself. After all, this is an extremely difficult process, which is recommended to be entrusted to specialists. Only they will be able to select the necessary range of colors and shades so that the hair looked really nice and natural.

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