Hair toning after melioration: precautions

Hair toning after melioration: precautions
Toning after melirovaniya allows you to give hair shine and volume. But the pigmentation pigments fit well only on healthy hair. For this reason, it is first necessary to provide proper hair care. Hair melting allows you to change your appearance, paint over the appearing gray hair. To attach a new color to the hair, special compounds are used. Most often they are available in the form of tonics. Toning of streaked strands allows:
– remove yellowing, which can appear when using a clarifying mixture;
– to give hair shine;
– change the image.

Safety measures

If you want, that at toning the natural color of hair has not disappeared, it is necessary to take 1,5% the activator. If the medium is kept on the hair for a shorter amount of time, the dye will not be fixed in the structure of the hair. Therefore, it is necessary to follow the instructions that are attached to the paint or tonic.

Many specialists after highlighting do not recommend immediately apply a tonic. First, it is necessary that the color is fixed on strands. Secondly, the use of clarifying mixtures, based on ammonia or hydrogen peroxide, breaks the structure of the hair. Most shade shampoos also contain aggressive chemicals. Therefore it is better to use toning means for the first time after melioration not earlier than in two weeks.

How to avoid failures when toning streaked hair?

It must be remembered that toning paint is good only for healthy hair. Therefore before its application it is necessary to restore their structure with the help of balms and masks. Almost any chemical can cause allergies. To avoid this, it is worth it to put on a patch of skin behind the ear lobe. If in the next few hours no reaction is manifested, then the remedy can be used.

Pay attention, if after melirovaniya you have applied henna on hair, then toning agent will not dye your hair. Experts say that with henna you need to be careful and before highlighting. Otherwise, you can get a color that will be very different from what you want.

Due to the fact that toning from the hair is washed off very quickly, it will have to be repeated on a regular basis. It is advisable to use the funds of one line or brand. In this case, you will protect your hair from unnecessary injury.

Thus, toning after melirovaniya allows a woman to acquire a new image. After the procedure, the hair looks more bulky and beautifully shimmers in the sun. But in order to achieve this result, you need to correctly choose the formulations, as well as all the procedures to be carried out in professional salons.

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