Hair removal forever with solutions

Hair removal forever with solutions
To remove superfluous hair on a body it is thought up many ways: an epilation, shaving, шугаринг. Unfortunately, they all give only a temporary result, the exception is expensive and not always effective laser hair removal. In search of simple and affordable ways to get rid of hair forever you can turn to time-tested grandmother recipes. First of all, you need to understand that hair permanently ceased to grow, it is required to completely destroy the bulbs. To do this, use various corrosive solutions, tinctures and broths of poisonous plants, iodine-containing compounds. Special care must be taken when handling them, avoid contact with mucous membranes, and keep away from children and animals.

It should be borne in mind that all iodine-containing and corrosive compounds dry the skin very much, after application, it needs to be moistened with cream.

To get the effect, it is necessary to apply the product repeatedly, and regularly. It is important to remove hair in advance by any available means, for example, tweezers or epilation – only in this case the active substance will have access to the hair follicle. If the hair is strong and healthy, applying solutions directly to them will have no effect, except for some lightening. Do not shave your hair, it only makes it stronger.

So, what means for removing hair exist. The most popular and effective solution is rivanol. It can be purchased at pharmacies, usually public ones, in which they prepare their own medications. The shelf life of such a solution is severely limited, no more than 3-x weeks. You can also prepare the solution yourself, at home, from tablets. On a liter of water should take 10 g of substance, so you get 1% solution.

Rivanol is safe enough for use, it is a strong antiseptic, used for disinfection, acceleration of wound healing. To remove body hair, wipe the skin with a solution once or twice a day, for several weeks. Then take a break and repeat the course. The result will be noticeable after the first course: the hair becomes weaker, becomes lighter, begins to fall out. It may be necessary to completely remove hair for two, three or four courses, depending on the characteristics of the body.

Often, a concentrated solution of potassium permanganate is used to remove hair. You need to work with it carefully so as not to get skin burns. Crystals should be diluted in water, thoroughly mixed until intensively pink (but not dark crimson!) Color, applied to the skin with pulled out hairs. A solution of manganese stains the skin in brown, so you can use lemon juice for backlighting.

Лучше начинать удаление волос с участков кожи, не видных окружающим, поскольку некоторые составы окрашивают кожу, другие могут вызвать сухость, аллергию, покраснение.

Для обесцвечивания и удаления волос используется раствор гидроперита. В аптеках продают чаще всего 3% состав перекись водорода, он слишком слабый. Лучше купить таблетки и развести 15% раствор, добавить несколько капель аммиака. Состав наносится на кожу, когда он подсохнет — еще раз. Держать нужно не менее часа, иначе эффекта не будет.

From the shell or partitions of walnut, you can make a tincture for hair removal. On the partitions of fifty nuts, 150-200 ml 70% alcohol is required, insist 3-4 weeks. For two to three weeks, you should lubricate places with increased hair growth. Traditionally, fresh juice of green walnut, curcuma paste, dope – all these plants contain a large amount of iodine and burn hair bulbs.

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