Hair loss. What vitamins are not enough?

Hair loss. What vitamins are not enough?
Hair loss is a signal of the body about the presence of problems that can be expressed in diseases, stress, hormonal disorders. Often, the cause of hair loss is the lack of vitamins. As a rule, with a lack of useful substances that enter the body with food or vitamin complexes, not only hair, but also nails and skin, suffer. Everyone is invariably faced with hair loss. But someone has this process is normal, without a pronounced pathology, and some people suffer from excessive shag. On the lack of vitamins curls "tell" a lackluster color, lack of brilliance, brittle. The main signal that the hair falls out excessively, you can see when combing, when the comb is a bundle of hair.

What vitamins are needed for hair?

Волосам необходимы витамины и микроэлементы, основными из них будут витамин А и В2, F, фолиевая кислота. Выпадение волос также служит симптомом нехватки пантотеновой кислоты, кальция, кремния, селена, цинка. Причем витаминов может не только не хватать, порой при поредении шевелюры речь идет о гипервитаминозе.

The reason for hair loss with a lack of valuable substances can be covered not only in the lack of vitamins in the diet, but also in violation of the order of assimilation of useful components by the body. The second condition is the most difficult, only specialists can help with it.

Accept vitamins for hair loss It is worth, if you are sure that the reason for the impairment is precisely in the vitamin deficiency. If the problem is more global, it is necessary to consult a trichologist. An experienced doctor will prescribe the appropriate treatment, establish the cause of hair loss, after a survey.

Hair treatment with a shortage of vitamins

If the hair is brittle, dull, split, the body may not get iodine. Dandruff most often occurs when a little vitamin B6, S.

When hair falls, you need to make up for the deficiency of B vitamins. These substances are found in legumes, wheat germs, poultry meat, beef and pork. Rich in vitamins of this group and eggs, cheese, liver, yeast.

Particular attention in hair thinning should be given to the vitamin B2, it is responsible for the shine of the curls. To restore the natural radiance, you need to eat dairy products. Vitamin B2 should be consumed in an amount of about 2 mg per day to provide food to the hair.

For the growth of hair you need to lean on fish, cheese and cottage cheese – in these products there is a lot of vitamin B9. A vitamin of beauty – E – is contained not only in vegetable oil, but also tomatoes.

Polyunsaturated fatty acids or vitamin F will help restore hair if you consume vegetable oil. Iodine is found in seafood, sea kale and salt. Folic acid can be found in fresh fruits, vegetables – especially green.

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