Hair extensions are not safe!

Hair extensions are not safe!
Hair extension is a procedure beloved by many women, you can get any lengths of hair in just a couple of hours. In addition to the visible advantages, there are a number of shortcomings and unfavorable consequences that masters are silent about.

Negative effects of hair extensions

Many girls, going to the procedure for hair extensions, do not even think about the consequences. And the truth is, why think about something negative, since the information about the security of the procedure and the chic pictures of the final result is full of information. In fact, practice shows another.

The negative consequences of building up include:

? Перхоть, которая появляется из-за того, что просто невозможно промыть корни волос из-за близкого расположения капсул. Но эта проблема, как правило, возникает, если работу выполнял неопытный мастер или вы не обеспечиваете нужный уход за кожей головы;
– Unpleasant sensations in the process of socks – about the roots there is a heaviness, there is a constant desire to scratch your head;
– Some girls notice increased hair loss after lifting the accreted ones. Actually, this also has an explanation – to carry out the procedure, if you have unhealthy hair or scalp, it is extremely not recommended to avoid unpleasant consequences.

Not everyone who grew their hair encountered problems. After all, as for other salon procedures, there are a number of contraindications. You can not increase your hair, if you are pregnant, breastfeed, you have problems at the hormonal level, you are less than 16 years old, etc. – all this and much more causes a number of troubles during socks or after the removal of artificial hair.

How to avoid problems after hair extensions

Trichologists, like the master builders, say in a voice that the procedure is absolutely safe. But if the hairdresser does not specify some of the nuances, then the specialist in hair treatment makes corrections.

Before the extension is necessary to visit a doctor to assess the condition of the hair and scalp, in other words, you must go to the trichologist. Not every polyclinic has such specialists, so it makes sense to stop at paid clinics.

If during the inspection there were no problems, you can safely proceed with the selection of an experienced specialist and materials for building. How many beams will be required to conduct the procedure will be able to prompt the master. Using bad beams to judge the consequences is difficult, and the skill of the hairdresser plays an important role.

It is worth paying attention to the large beauty salons that specialize in hair extensions and eyelashes not the first day. Small hairdressers often use poor-quality materials that last a short time. The type of hair depends on a lot, so you need to approach the issue carefully, because it does not always happen the way you want!

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