Hair curling carving: the pros and cons

Hair curling carving: the pros and cons
Carving – a new method of perm hair. This procedure has a gentle effect on the structure of the hair, gives the hair a splendor and volume from the roots, creates beautiful curls.

Carving technology

The curling procedure in the beauty salon takes about two hours. Hair thoroughly wash with normal shampoo and slightly dry with a towel. Then, along the entire length of the strands, a special fixing agent is applied and winds the hair on the curlers. Further it is necessary to wait a little over an hour, so that the chemically active substances act on the strand structure. Then the curlers are removed and washed thoroughly with warm water.

Carving is usually done on the hair up to the shoulders or slightly longer. Curl will not hold on to long and heavy strands. Also, the quality of carving is affected by the initial condition of the hair. It is not recommended to perform this procedure if you have weak, dry hair with split ends. She will only hurt them.

Means for perm on carving technology are sold in professional shops for beauty salons and specialized online stores. The procedure for permanent styling can be carried out independently, strictly following the instructions in the instructions accompanying the preparation.

Advantages and disadvantages of carving

The composition of the carving means does not include glycolic acid, which is usually used for chemical perm. Therefore, this procedure does not cause significant harm to the structure of the hair. In addition, carving can be repeated every 3-4 a month, and it is recommended to do usual perming not more than once a year.

The result of a correctly conducted procedure should be elastic and relief curls that are easily combed and well suited to laying. The diameter of curlers used for curling determines the size of future curls. Carving can make a hairstyle from small spirals and a shock of large heavy curls.

This method of curling is well suited for healthy colored and streaked hair. Carving on them can last up to 6 months. This procedure slightly dries the hair, and is therefore ideal for owners of oily scalp.

Over time, such a curl falls and hair from curly turns into wavy, and then into straight lines. In this case, the growing roots look quite natural, which is not observed with a usual chemical wave.

The disadvantage of carving can be called a short curling term. Locks last for about two months. Also negative are the high demands that this procedure makes to the quality of hair. The best carvig looks on healthy strands of medium length.

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